The Mythology Countdown is countdown activity in FarmVille that lasts for 16 days plus extra 4 days if you was not able to get all 16 items. It started on February 12th, 2013.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with Cash-icon FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 16 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize, which is a Zeus Pegacorn.

You can ask friends for help via wall post every 6 hours. After revealing Day 16 price and completing it you will get chance to get all rewards again within time period of 4 days.

Released items by days:Edit

Mythology Countdown Day 1 Mythology Countdown Day 2 Mythology Countdown Day 3 Mythology Countdown Day 4 Mythology Countdown Day 5 Mythology Countdown Day 6
Poseidon Duck Stamp-icon
Poseidon Duck Stamp
Unwither Stamp 2-icon
Unwither Stamp
Aphrodite Chicken Stamp-icon
Aphrodite Chicken Stamp
Apollo Pit Dog Stamp-icon
Apollo Pit Dog Stamp
Yggdrasil Tree Stamp-icon
Yggdrasil Tree Stamp
Greek Gazebo Stamp-icon
Greek Gazebo Stamp
Poseidon Duck-icon
Poseidon Duck
Aphrodite Chicken-icon
Aphrodite Chicken
Apollo Pit Dog-icon
Apollo Pit Dog
Yggdrasil Tree-icon
Yggdrasil Tree
Greek Gazebo II-icon
Greek Gazebo II
Mythology Countdown Day 7 Mythology Countdown Day 8 Mythology Countdown Day 9 Mythology Countdown Day 10 Mythology Countdown Day 11 Mythology Countdown Day 12
Turbo Charger Stamp-icon
Turbo Charger Stamp
Ra Statue Stamp-icon
Ra Statue Stamp
Tree of Life Stamp-icon
Tree of Life Stamp
Maori Statue Stamp-icon
Maori Statue Stamp
Odin Gnome Stamp-icon
Odin Gnome Stamp
Loki Weasel Stamp-icon
Loki Weasel Stamp
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers-icon
3 Pack of Turbo Chargers
Ra Statue-icon
Ra Statue
Tree of Life II-icon
Tree of Life II
Maori Statue-icon
Maori Statue
Odin Gnome-icon
Odin Gnome
Loki Weasel-icon
Loki Weasel
Mythology Countdown Day 13 Mythology Countdown Day 14 Mythology Countdown Day 15 Mythology Countdown Day 16 Collect All 16
Mystery Game Dart Stamp 2-icon
Mystery Game Dart Stamp
Fenrir Stamp-icon
Fenrir Stamp
Greyfell Horse Stamp-icon
Greyfell Horse Stamp
Naga Dragon Stamp-icon
Naga Dragon Stamp
Zeus Pegacorn-icon
Zeus Pegacorn
Mystery Game Dart-icon
Mystery Game Dart
Greyfell Horse-icon
Greyfell Horse
Naga Dragon-icon
Naga Dragon

Released offsprings during this event: Edit

Giant Yggdrasil Tree
Giant Tree of Life
Greyfell Foal-icon
Greyfell Foal
Zeus Pegacorn Foal-icon
Zeus Pegacorn Foal

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