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{{Infobox Mystery Game
{{infobox-Mystery Game
|theme = Mardi Gras Carnival
|theme = Mardi Gras Carnival
| first_available = 20120220
| first_available = 20120220

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The Mystery Game 90 was available from February 20th, 2012 until February 27th, 2012. The Mardi Gras Carnival Mystery Game cost Cash-icon 20 cash per dart Mystery Game Dart-icon. If the player found all 6 regular items, they were rewarded with a bonus 7th item (the Mardi Gras Bird).

Mardi Gras Carnival Theme
Carnival Pegasus-icon
Carnival Pegasus
Carnival Mini Horse-icon
Carnival Mini Horse
Beaded Pony-icon
Beaded Pony
Beaded Pig-icon
Beaded Pig
Carnival Cat-icon
Carnival Cat
Carnival Squirrel-icon
Carnival Squirrel
Mardi Gras Bird-icon
Mardi Gras Bird

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