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The Mystery Game 129 was available from November 19th, 2012 until November 26th, 2012. The Carousel Animals Mystery Game cost 16 cash 16 cash per dart Mystery Game Dart-icon.png. If the player found all 6 regular items, they were rewarded with a bonus 7th item (the Carousel Reindeer).

Mystery Game 129 Rewards Revealed.png

Carousel Animals Theme
Carousel Horse-icon.png
Carousel Horse
Carousel Dragon-icon.png
Carousel Dragon
Carousel Frog-icon.png
Carousel Frog
Carousel Zebra-icon.png
Carousel Zebra
Carousel Elephant-icon.png
Carousel Elephant
Carousel Cow-icon.png
Carousel Cow
Carousel Reindeer-icon.png
Carousel Reindeer