The Mystery Animal Crate is a decoration that was available from January 12th 2010 to January 18th 2010.

The Crate was reintroduced as the Animal Crate on March 2 2010 and available until March 9 2010. It was again released June 1 2010 and made available until June 9 2010. When purchased, players may find a mystery animal inside.

Mystery Animal Crates are listed below from most recent to oldest releases.

Summer Event Edit

Summer Event Mystery Animal Crate
Ram (Purple Stars)-icon
Ram (Purple Stars)
Ram (Candycane)-icon
Ram (Candycane)
Ram (Masked)-icon
Ram (Masked)
Boar (Candycane)-icon
Boar (Candycane)
Yellow Spots Boar-icon
Yellow Spots Boar
Brown Boar (Leopard)-icon
Brown Boar (Leopard)

FarmVille Birthday Classics Edit

Swiss Birthday Mystery Animal Crate - June 14th
Swiss Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Valentine Mini-icon
Valentine Mini
Pinto Mini Horse-icon
Pinto Mini Horse
Black Mini Stallion-icon
Black Mini Stallion
Miniature Stallion-icon
Miniature Stallion
Mini Candycane-icon
Mini Candycane

German Mystery Animal Crate - June 17th
German Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Camargue Horse-icon
Camargue Horse
Mongolian Horse-icon
Mongolian Horse
Black Stallion-icon
Black Stallion
Welsh Pony-icon
Welsh Pony
Black Shire Horse-icon
Black Shire Horse
Falabella Horse-icon
Falabella Horse

Wild West Mystery Animal Crate - June 18th
West Wild Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep
Ewe (Orange)-icon
Orange Ewe
Lantern Sheep-icon
Lantern Sheep
Valentine Sheep-icon
Valentine Sheep
Ewe (Pastel Purple)-icon
Pastel Purple Ewe
Ewe (Yellow)-icon
Yellow Ewe
Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate - June 19th
Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Eider Duck-icon
Eider Duck
Male Mandarin Duck-icon
Male Mandarin
Chrome Duck-icon
Chrome Duck
Welsh Harlequin-icon
Welsh Harlequin
Green Winged Teal-icon
Green Winged Teal
Tufted Duck-icon
Tufted Duck

Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate - June 22nd
Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Pink Unicorn-icon
Pink Unicorn
Candy Cane Unicorn-icon
Candy Cane Unicorn
Purple Unicorn-icon
Purple Unicorn
Shamrock Unicorn-icon
Shamrock Unicorn
White Unicorn-icon
White Unicorn
Yellow Unicorn-icon
Yellow Unicorn

4th Generation Crate Edit

Blue Jay-icon
Blue Jay
(+200 XP)
Female Mandarin Duck-icon
Female Mandarin Duck
(+200 XP)
Pygmy Goat-icon
Pygmy Goat
(+300 XP)
Red Panda-icon
Red Panda
(+500 XP)
Black Yak-icon
Black Yak
(+400 XP)

3rd Generation Crate Edit

The crate was also labeled "Mystery Wings".

Male Ostrich-icon
Male Ostrich
(+400 XP)
(+150 XP)
White Peacock-icon
White Peacock
(+400 XP)
(+500 XP)
Mourning Doves-icon
Mourning Doves
(+200 XP)

1st and 2nd Generation Crate Edit

(+550 XP)
(+300 XP)
(+700 XP)
(+200 XP)
(+400 XP)

Gallery Edit

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