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After having abit of personal time out... I don't have as much time to spend on the wiki like I use to, especially when there were times when only two of us Admins were keeping the wiki going, however I will do as much as I can, when I can. It now takes so much time to play the game now with so many farms and so many introductions to the game. If I am working on the old pc then I can not use the editors tools so that is why I catch up with images. So please don't get affended if I don't respond to messages or make comments on talk as I maybe working on my old pc, nothing personal is meant if I update an image that is causing an issue such as the size or quality or even if it is renamed especially when the game produces more items with the same title. I like to keep the wiki positive so if I don't share the same opinion as other admins then I may choice to not make a comment rather than make a negative one. Please feel free to leave a message that I will see, but remember I may take awhile to respond, mostly until I can work on the laptop. There have been some fantastic work done lately with a variety of progressive changes to this wiki, which should be acknowledged simply because the voluntarily time spent.

Kindest Regards

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