The Market is the locations where items may be purchased for the farm. Farmers may buy anything that can be purchased from the market, but gift-only items may not be purchased. Items can be purchased with coins or with FarmVille cash.

The market has 7 tabs each with a different kind of product in. The tabs are:


The seeds tab contains crops that may be planted in the earth. The seeds tab is also divided into tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all seeds
  • Fruits - a list of any fruit that can be planted in the ground
  • Vegetables - a list of any vegetables that can be planted in the ground
  • Flowers - a list of all flowers
  • Grains - a list of all grains, such as wheat or rice


The trees tab contains trees, which are planted on their own and remain permanently (unless removed). There are no tab in the trees tab.


The animals tab contains animals. Because most animals are sent as gifts, there are only 3 items in the tab: cow, sheep and pig. Sometimes exclusive animals can be bought from this tab too. The animals tab does not have any further tabs.


The building tab contains solid structures. It is divided into tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all buildings
  • Homes - a list of buildings that could be lived in
  • Barns - a list of all barns
  • Other - a list of any buildings that do not fall under any other tab


The decorations tab contains any items that exist to make the farm look more attractive. The decorations tab is divided into further tabs, which are:

  • All - a list of all decorations
  • Flags - a list of all flags available
  • Scarecrows - a list of all available scarecrows
  • Hay bales - a list of all hay bales that may be purchased
  • Topiaries - a list of all topiaries, which are decorative hedges
  • Other - a list of any decoration that does not fit anywhere else

Expand farm

The expand farm tab gives farmers a chance to make their farm bigger. With enough friends, this can be bought with coins. Otherwise, FarmVille cash must be used.


The vehicles tab lets farmers buy vehicles for their farm. There is also a chance to buy fuel refills for farm cash, instead of having to wait for fuel to regenerate slowly.

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