The Market is where players can purchase seeds, decorations, buildings, and other items to use in the game.

The market has several categories:
Specials Menu-icon Events Menu-icon Seeds Menu-icon Trees Menu-icon Animals Menu-icon Buildings Menu-icon Decorations Menu-icon Farm Aids Menu-icon Clothes Menu-icon Land Expansions Menu-icon
Specials Limited Editions Seeds Trees Animals Buildings Decorations Farm Aides Clothes Land Expansions

The Specials tab contains everything new about FarmVille, including the latest events or items released. The Seeds tab contains all Seeds for planting. The Trees tab contains all Trees to put inside the orchard. The Animals tab contains all the Animals which are available. The Buildings tab lists all the Buildings, with use or without. The Decorations tab contains items used to decorate your farm. The Farm Aides tab has the Vehicles, Consumables and Farm Landscapes. The Clothes tab has all available clothing for farmers. Lastly, Land Expansions tab contains the available farm expansions available for that farm.

Everything in the Market can be purchased for Farm Coins or FarmVille Cash. When you buy an item or plant a seed, you will gain XP. Farmers also have the option to "Preview" an item before they buy it. They can do so by clicking the Preview button. One may also choose to send a gift from the Market to his or her Neighbor by clicking the Send button. A player must be level 10 or above to do so.

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