The Magic Snowman is available on FarmVille. It was released in January 02 2012 as part of the Winter Fantasy Event. It works in a similar way to the Thanksgiving Feast and all other previous “basket”-type events in FarmVille. A Farmer must collect a number of generic materials and magic snowflakes, which can be traded in for exclusive Aurora-themed items. Magic Snowman materials can be acquired by:

Generic Materials

  • Sending gifts to friends through the Gift Page.
  • Asking friends through Requests.
  • Buying them in the Market.

Magic Snowflakes

  • Harvesting from the Ice Palace.
  • Crafting them in the Craftshop (1x Mint Candy Bushel + 2x Sugar Cane Bushel + 3x Green Tea Bushel).
  • Making or buying goods from friends, using that special goods gave fuel and 1 Magic Snowflake- Sweet Shoppe- Sugar Snowflake, Winery- Snowflake Cocktail, Bakery- Snowflake Cookie, Spa- snowflake Soap.
  • Asking friends through Requests.
  • Buying them in the Market.

Sendable MaterialsEdit

Image Name
Magic Snowflake-icon
Magic Snowflake
Magic Top Hat-icon
Magic Top Hat
Mound of Snow-icon
Mound of Snow
Pile of Aurora Dust-icon
Pile of Aurora Dust
Shooting Star-icon
Shooting Star
Starry Scarf-icon
Starry Scarf
Note: Magic Top Hat, Mound of Snow, Pile of Aurora Dust, Shooting Star and Starry Scarf are generic materials and any of the 5 will do, although the in-game screens show only the Magic Top Hat.

Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage4 Stage 5
Magic Snowman-icon
Magic Snowman 2-icon
Magic Snowman 3-icon
Magic Snowman 4-icon
Magic Snowman 5-icon

Redeemable Items Edit

Magic Snowflakes and Magic Materials can be exchanged for various prizes.

Image Name Materials needed
Aurora Fence-icon
Aurora Fence
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 1
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 2
(3 Items)
Moon Tree-icon
Moon Tree
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 3
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 10
(13 Items)
Aurora Cat-icon
Aurora Cat
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 6
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 25
(31 Items)
Star Bright Sheep-icon
Star Bright Sheep
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 10
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 50
(60 Items)
Starry Pond-icon
Starry Pond
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 18
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 85
(103 Items)
Aurora Unicorn-icon
Aurora Unicorn
Magic Snowflake-icon
x 28
Magic Top Hat-icon
x 120
(128 Items)


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