The Lucky Harvester is a vehicle used on FarmVille.

The color of it could be described as Kelly Green.


It was originally available between 12 March 2010 and 18 March 2010 as part of St. Patrick's Day. It was a variant of the normal Harvester, and it also costs Coin-icon 30,000 coins. It can harvest an area of up to 2x2 plots at the cost of 4 fuel, or 1 fuel per plot.



Main article: [[{{{building}}} |{{{building}}} ]]

The Lucky Harvester can be stored in the {{{building}}}. The {{{building}}} can be harvested. When harvesting the {{{building}}} containing at least one Lucky Harvester, it is possible to find 2 {{{product}}}s, 1 that can be placed or stored in the gift box, and 1 to share via wall post.

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