The Love Potion is a usable Potion on FarmVille. This is one of the few potions that FarmVille have.

The Love Potion is used for the Sheep Pen, to increase the breeding success chances. "Use Love Potions to increase your breeding success chances!".

Acquisition Edit

  • You can ask your friends for Love Potions through the Sheep Pen. Up to five friends can send a Love Potion. Love Potions can be asked for every 4 hours.
    • Players which click on this wall post will also get one Love Potion.
    • When you ask, only 5 friends can send Love Potions to you.
  • 5 Love Potions can also be bought at the market for 10 Farm Cash.
    • Single Love Potions can also be bought for 2 Farm Cash each inside the Sheep Pen when breeding.


Love Potion can be created in the Craftshop by crafting the below Bushel combination over a 12 hour period:

Strawberry Bushel-icon

8x Strawberries
Tomato Bushel-icon

4x Tomatoes
Red Tulip Bushel-icon

3x Red Tulips


Main article: Mastery
Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 25
Level 2 50
Level 3 75
Love Potion Mastery Sign-icon

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