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The Lost City Countdown is countdown activity in FarmVille that lasts for 16 days plus extra 5 days if you was not able to get all 16 items. It started on July 18, 2017.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day wiAth FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 16 items, the farmer will be rewarded with a special bonus prize.

You can ask friends for help via wall post every 6 hours. After revealing Day 16 price and completing it you will get chance to get all rewards again within time period of 5 days.

Released items by days:Edit

Lost City Countdown Day 1 Blue Wings Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 4 Stamps
Blue Wings Tree Stamp
Blue Wings Tree-icon
Blue Wings Tree
Lost City Countdown Day 2 Blue Guava Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 5 Stamps
Blue Guava Tree Stamp
Blue Guava Tree-icon
Blue Guava Tree
Lost City Countdown Day 3 Egyptian Ruby Tree Stamp-icon
Requires 6 Stamps
Egyptian Ruby Tree Stamp
Egyptian Ruby Tree-icon
Egyptian Ruby Tree
Lost City Countdown Day 4 Light Pharaoh Gnome Stamp-icon
Requires 6 Stamps
Light Pharaoh Gnome Stamp
Light Pharaoh Gnome-icon
Light Pharaoh Gnome
Lost City Countdown Day 5 Lost Memphis Cat Stamp-icon
Requires 7 Stamps
Lost Memphis Cat Stamp
Lost Memphis Cat-icon
Lost Memphis Cat
Lost City Countdown Day 6 Vijay Nagar Snake Charmer Stamp-icon
Requires 7 Stamps
Vijay Nagar Snake Charmer Stamp
Vijay Nagar Snake Charmer-icon
Vijay Nagar Snake Charmer
Lost City Countdown Day 7 Warrior of Pompeii Statue Stamp-icon
Requires 9 Stamps
Warrior of Pompeii Statue Stamp
Warrior of Pompeii Statue-icon
Warrior of Pompeii Statue
Lost City Countdown Day 8 Kangaroo Pompeii Guard Stamp-icon
Requires 10 Stamps
Kangaroo Pompeii Guard Stamp
Kangaroo Pompeii Guard-icon
Kangaroo Pompeii Guard
Lost City Countdown Day 9 Eagle Warrior Gorilla Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Eagle Warrior Gorilla Stamp
Eagle Warrior Gorilla-icon
Eagle Warrior Gorilla
Lost City Countdown Day 10 Charriot Rider of Pompeii Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Charriot Rider of Pompeii Stamp
Charriot Rider of Pompeii-icon
Charriot Rider of Pompeii
Lost City Countdown Day 11 Tikal Warrior Duck Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Tikal Warrior Duck Stamp
Tikal Warrior Duck-icon
Tikal Warrior Duck
Lost City Countdown Day 12 Jaguar Warrior Bear Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Jaguar Warrior Bear Stamp
Jaguar Warrior Bear-icon
Jaguar Warrior Bear
Lost City Countdown Day 13 Poompohar Violet Sheep Stamp-icon
Requires 12 Stamps
Poompohar Violet Sheep Stamp
Poompohar Violet Sheep-icon
Poompohar Violet Sheep
Lost City Countdown Day 14 Lost Queens Boat Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Lost Queens Boat Stamp
Lost Queens Boat-icon
Lost Queens Boat
Lost City Countdown Day 15 Carthage Guard Chicken Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Carthage Guard Chicken Stamp
Carthage Guard Chicken-icon
Carthage Guard Chicken
Lost City Countdown Day 16 Pharoh of Petra Stamp-icon
Requires 14 Stamps
Pharoh of Petra Stamp
Pharoh of Petra-icon
Pharoh of Petra
Bonus Gift Collect All 16 Mayan Queen Pegacorn-icon
Mayan Queen Pegacorn

Products of animals, trees released: Edit

Image offspring
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NoImage ?
NoImage ?
NoImage ?
NoImage ?

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