For Lobster (disambiguation), see Lobster Bushel (disambiguation).

The Lobster Bushel is a bushel in FarmVille. It can be gained as a random reward when harvesting the Lighthouse Cove.

Storage Building Edit

It can be stored in the Crafting Silo.

Recipes Edit

It is used in the following recipes:

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0 Lobster Bushel-icon
Lobster Bushel x4
Daylily Bushel-icon
Daylily Bushel x10
Basil Bushel-icon
Basil Bushel x6
Apple Red Harvester-icon
Apple Red Harvester
Restaurant 5
Lobster Bushel-icon
5x Lobster Bushel
Dill Bushel-icon
2x Dill Bushel
Basil Bushel-icon
3x Basil Bushel
Lobster Roll-icon
4x Lobster Roll
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