Random loading screen

The loading screen is the screen seen by players while the game is loading. It features images of good looking farms owned by other farmers. It also has a large FarmVille icon at the bottom, with a loading bar.

Which farm is displayed, depends on a few things. If there is a limited-edition series of items, the loading screen will probably show farms equipped with those items. In this way, players are made aware of the new items.

Standard loading screens between two events Edit

Loading normal farm and villa Loading normal hill Loading normal pagoda Loading normal rise and elephant

Halloween 2009 Edit

For Halloween 2009 , the loading screen images were changed to display the winners of Halloween decoration contest.

Halloween1 Halloween2 Halloween3 Halloween4 Halloween5 Halloween6 Halloween7 Halloween8 Halloween9

Thanksgiving Edit

Loading autumn

Winter Holiday Event Edit

Loading winter holiday Loading winter holiday2

Winter Holiday Event with Snow Edit

Loading snow buildings Loading snow buildings2 Loading snow buildings far Loading snow buildings hay Loading snow lodge Loading snow snowman Loading snow trees Loading snow trees far

Winter Holiday Event with Snow and new buildings Edit

Loading screen 23dec2009 estate Loading screen 23dec2009 estate horses Loading screen 23dec2009 garden Loading screen 23dec2009 horses Loading screen 23dec2009 lodge corner Loading screen 23dec2009 lodge iglo Loading screen 23dec2009 lodge skii Loading screen 23dec2009 river Loading screen 23dec2009 santa pair Loading screen 23dec2009 villa Loading screen 23dec2009 villa lodge

Winter Holiday Event with Snow and Hay bale pixel art in 2010 Edit

SantafRMVILE Loading screen 2010-01-06 1 Loading screen 2010-01-06 2 Loading screen 2010-01-06 3 Loading screen 2010-01-06 4 Loading screen 2010-01-06 5 Loading screen 2010-01-06 6 Loading screen 2010-01-06 7 Loading screen 2010-01-06 8 Loading screen 2010-01-06 9

Cowprint Event-icon
Cowprint Buildings and Decorations

Loading screen 20100109 cowprint

Relief Fund for Haiti Edit

Loading screen haiti

Free Fuel Week Edit

Free fuel week

Southwestern Event Edit

Southwestern Event Load

Items Arrival Edit

Valentines Day Load Lunar new year load Carnivalload Californiaload Springload Unwither Ring Load Southwestern items Japanese Loading Screen

New Mystery Prizes Edit

Fv loading screen Loading screen 7-24-10

Sneek Peaks Edit

Sneakpeak1 Sneakpeak2 Sneakpeak3

Game Cards Edit

Game Card Loading Screen1 Game Card Loading Screen2

iPhone app Edit

IPhone App Loading Screen

Winter Wonderland Event Edit

Winter Wonderland Event

Best Buy Promotion Edit

Best Buy

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