The Livestock Pen is an Animal Pen in FarmVille. It is similar to the Wildlife Habitat, Pet Run, Zoo and Aviary. It was released on September 15th, 2011. It allows the storing and breeding of Livestock Animals.

It initially requires 10 Water Pumps, 10 Wires, and 10 Steel Beams to be constructed and usable. After finishing the building, you get 1 Red Goat as a reward for completing the Livestock Pen. It can then be expand to contain additional parts.

It can be purchased in the Market for Coin-icon 250 coins, or it can be purchased fully built for Cash-icon 30 cash.

Variations Edit

Winter Livestock PenEdit

After releasing Winter Wonderland, FarmVille released the Winter Livestock Pen. After finishing the building you will get 1 Snow Flake Pig.

Island Livestock Edit

After releasing Hawaiian Paradise, FarmVille released the pen named Island Livestock. After finishing the building you will get 1 White Pig.

Mystical LivestockEdit

Mystical Livestock: a livestock pen for the Mystical Groves farm. After finishing the building you will receive 1 Lightning Goat.

Space LivestockEdit

Finishing grants a Space Alien Pig.


Water Pump-icon

Water Pump



Steel Beam-icon

Steel Beam

Livestock Pen1-icon

Stage 1

0 0 0
Livestock Pen2-icon

Stage 2

1-10 1-10 1-10
Livestock Pen3-icon

Stage 3

10 10 10
Expansion 1
Expansion 2
Expansion 3

Livestock Pen Animals Edit

Main article: Livestock Pen Table

This building can hold different types of Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Llamas and similar animals.

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