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A typical limited edition item in the market. Note the icon of the the event to the left of the picture of the item, as well as the word "LIMITED", and the time left underneath
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The term limited edition is usually applied to an event item. Such items are almost always explicitly marked as having a limited availability. The vast majority of limited edition items are found in the market, but, as of July 2010, there has also been a co-op job of limited duration as well. Limited edition items can be seeds, animals, decorations, buildings, trees, or even games and fuel. Rarely, some limited edition items return to the market as permanent items after the conclusion of their related event.

The relationship between limited edition items and "permanent" items can be understood by contrasting limited edition seeds to permanent ones. Limited edition seeds couldn't be mastered when they were first introduced in Farmville. Later on, this has been upgraded, and limited edition seeds became available to mastery. However, they do not produce bushels or market stalls. They compensate for this lack of bushels by offering unusually high coin return, short maturation periods, and high XP. Thus, limited edition seeds, like Swiss Chard, are often excellent crops for players to turn a quick, high profit, as well as ones that allow for quick leveling.

The same situation is generally true of trees and animals. Most limited edition trees, such as the Asian Pear, are amongst the highest in terms of both daily return and XP upon planting. Though far more expensive than most permanent trees, limited edition trees offer many more long term benefits than those which can be regularly bought at the market or received as a gift. Their daily return of coins-per-plot is often 2 or 3 times as great as a permanent tree. Equally, limited edition animals, like the fan sheep, offer unmatched XP-per-plot, because of their very high price and very small footprint.

Limited edition buildings and decorations tend to be among the most highly prized by players. Their unusual design is often seen as key to making one's farm distinctive. Sometimes, they are only evocative of designs seen in a certain part of the world, such as adobe walls, but sometimes they are direct copies of things found in the real world, like the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal. The vast majority of limited edition buildings and decorations, however, are only available for purchase with FarmVille Cash.

List of Limited Edition Items Edit

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