The Lights Decorator is a limited edition decoration available in FarmVille. It was released along with other items as part of the Winter Holiday Event.

Lights Decorator for Single Items – Cash-icon 2 cash for each item. Enables lights/snow function for only a single item. Upon initial purchase, the cursor will turn into a pink light bulb; every building and item that is eligible to be decorated with snow/lights will be highlighted in pink. Each item clicked will have lights applied and Cash-icon 2 cash will be deducted. If an item that had lights enabled is sold, the farmer will be credited for this light and a new building or item can be lit in its place at no cost. All buildings and decorations can be lit at once for Cash-icon 30 cash.

This item was re-released on December 05, 2010 for a limited time for the Winter Holiday Event (2010). In the new release, it was assigned to a new picture and renamed to Snow & Lights.

Items Able to Be Winterized (Lights Snow) Edit

Hedge, Trees, Fence (all colors and wooden), Cottage, Rainbow Cottage, Black Cottage, Pink Cottage, Farm House, Green House, Japanese Pagoda, Japanese Tea House, Log Cabin, Manor, Manor Black, Villa, Workshop, Weathered Barn, Groovy Barn, Black Barn, Blue Barn, Red Barn, Pink Barn, White Barn, Tool Shed, Pink Tool Shed.

Winterized items Edit

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