Lighthouse Cove Quest
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Farm: all
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-quest for template instructions
First Available: unknown
Last Available: unknown
Welcome to Lighthouse Cove Lighthouse Cove Quest Lighthouse Cove Bonus Challenge Quest
Total # of goals: 3
Goals for this quest: Come Ashore!

A Beach to Walk On

A Quick Tour
Item: White Cedar Tree
Sharing Bonus(es):

The Lighthouse Cove Quest series was available from MMMM DD, 2011 until MMMM DD, 2011/2012 and had 3 goals to complete the quest series and receive the White Cedar Tree!. You will need to interact with the new Lighthouse Cove Farm in order to complete this quest series.


  1. Come Ashore!
  2. A Beach to Walk On
  3. A Quick Tour

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