The Lighthouse Cove (event) is an event in FarmVille that began on September 12, 2011. During this time, Lighthouse Cove themed items were released.

Items Edit

Limited Edition Items
New Covered Bridge-icon
New Covered Bridge
Nelly Moser-icon
Nelly Moser
Coin-icon 50,000 coins
File:Red Clover Pot-icon.png
Red Clover Pot
Ladyslipper Flower-icon
Ladyslipper Flower
Cash-icon 2 cash
Innkeeper Gnome-icon
Innkeeper Gnome
Cash-icon 15 cash
Horse-Drawn Wagon-icon
Horse-Drawn Wagon
Cash-icon 10 cash

Lighthouse Cove Animals Edit

Buttercup Chicken-icon
Buttercup Chicken
Canadian Goose-icon
Canadian Goose
Dorset Sheep-icon
Dorset Sheep
Duroc Pig-icon
Duroc Pig
Eastern Moose-icon
Eastern Moose
Loon Duck-icon
Loon Duck
Maine Coon-icon
Maine Coon
Milking Shorthorn Cow-icon
Milking Shorthorn Cow
Mountain Lion-icon
Mountain Lion
New England Pinto Horse-icon
New England Pinto Horse
Painted Turtle-icon
Painted Turtle
Pineywoods Cow-icon
Pineywoods Cow
Pine Marten-icon
Pine Marten
Quarter Pony-icon
Quarter Pony
River Otter-icon
River Otter
Sailor Cow-icon
Sailor Cow
Brown Pelican-icon
Brown Pelican
American Buff Goose-icon
American Buff Goose

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