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The Lighthouse Cove is a stationary building on the Lighthouse Cove farm, which takes up 25x17 (425) squares or 6¼x4¼ (26.5625) plots. It can be harvested for clam bushels, seafood bushels and lobster bushels. It can be upgraded. It cannot be moved, sold or deleted.

Materials Edit

Depending on the Stage you want to upgrade to you need several amounts of these materials. Stage 1 needs 3 of each, stage 2 needs 5 of each, stage 3 needs 10 of each, stage 4 needs 15 of each, stage 5 needs 20 of each, stage 6 needs 25 of each, stage 7 needs 30 of each, stage 8 needs 40 of each, stage 9 needs 50 of each and stage 10 needs 60 of each. The last Level so far is Level 10.



Steel Beam-icon

Steel Beam
1 3x 3x 3x
2 5x 5x 5x
3 10x 10x 10x
4 15x 15x 15x
5 20x 20x 20x
6 25x 25x 25x
7 30x 30x 30x
8 40x 40x 40x
9 50x 50x 50x
10 60x 60x 60x
Total 258 258 258

Harvesting Edit

It can be harvested daily, if you are at stage 1 it will only give clam bushels, with upgrading you will then qualify to get seafood bushels and later lobster bushels. However you will get one of the bushels you qualified for randomly.

Clam Bushel-icon

Clam Bushel
Seafood Bushel-icon

Seafood Bushel
Lobster Bushel-icon

Lobster Bushel

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