Level 25
Level 25-icon

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Level: Player level
Title: Sensational Sower
XP range: XP-icon 19,000 to 22,500 XP
Purchase: Sunflower, Elephant Topiary, Hedge Gate, Light Post

Last Level
Level 24

This Level
Level 25

Next Level
Level 26

Once a farmer reaches XP-icon 19,000 experience, they will reach Level 25, known as "Sensational Sower". They will advance to level 26 after earning another XP-icon 3,500 experience, at a total of XP-icon 22,500 experience.

Unlocked Edit

During this Level, new items can be unlocked, which could be bought from the market or sent as a gift.

Image Name cost type
Sunflower-icon Sunflower Coin-icon 135 coins seeds
Elephant Topiary-icon Elephant Topiary Coin-icon 3,600 coins decorations
Hedge Gate-icon Hedge Gate Coin-icon 1,600 coins decorations
Light Post-icon Light Post Coin-icon 1,200 coins decorations

Crafting Edit

Crafting Cottages are unlocked at this level.

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