Level 101
Level 101-icon

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Level: Player level: 101
Title: none
XP range: XP-icon 1,500,000 to 1,599,999 XP

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Level 100

This Level
Level 101

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Level 102

Level 101 is a level ( "there is no title for this level") that a farmer will reach in FarmVille when they earn XP-icon 1,500,000 experience points. A farmer will advance to level 102 when they earn XP-icon 1,600,000 experience points.

Explanation Edit

Once a farmer has acquired the title Omnipotent Agriculturalist by reaching level 100, the way of leveling up had change:

  • Further level are reached with every increment of XP-icon 100,000 experience points gained.
  • These levels will not give the farmer a new title
  • No new items will be unlocked

When reaching level 101, a farmer is informed about the change. Any further message for leveling up will be plain and solely say what level is reached.

Before an update on May 4, 2011, no Farm Cash was gained for leveling up, leaving the process of reaching higher levels above 100 functionally useless. From now on, Farm Cash will be provided up to level 250. Players that were above level 100 when this update became active were retroactively rewarded with 1 Farm Cash for each further level reached.

Slideshow Edit

  • The congratulation message for level 101 before the update
  • The message that informed players above level 100 about retroactively receiving cash.

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