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Level 100
Level 100-icon.png

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Level: Player level: 100
Title: Omnipotent Agriculturalist
XP range: XP-icon.png 1,387,500 to 1,499,999 XP
Gifts: Jacaranda tree

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This Level
Level 100

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Level 101

This level was announced on the June 3 2010 FarmVille podcast.

Ominpotent Agriculturalist is the highest title a farmer can get. At this level a farmer can send Jacaranda Tree (decoration) as a free gift.

Before an update on May 4, 2011, no cash  cash was gained for leveling up, leaving the process of reaching higher levels above 100 functionally useless. Now, Farm Cash will be provided up to level 250. Players that were above level 100 when this update became active were retroactively rewarded with 1 cash 1 cash for each further level reached.

Yet higher levels can still be reached: a constant amount of 100,000 experience points 100,000 experience is needed for each subsequent level.

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