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Level: Player level: 1
Title: Field Hand
XP range: XP-icon 0 to 14 XP
Gifts: see article text

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Level 1 (known as "Field Hand") is the level that all users start out at in FarmVille. Level 1 is the lowest level, and it takes only XP-icon 15 experience to reach Level 2.

Unlocked Edit

At level 1, a farmer can buy some animals, trees, buildings and decorations, as well as Mystery Boxes and some exclusive items on FarmVille, provided they have enough FarmVille cash. At level 1 a farmer starts out with Cash-icon 5 cash.

Seeds Edit

Coin-icon 10 coins Coin-icon 25 coins Coin-icon 35 coins Coin-icon 15 coins Coin-icon 20 coins

Trees Edit

Acai Tree-icon
Acai Tree
Cherry Tree-icon
Cherry Tree
Apple Tree-icon
Apple Tree
Orange Tree-icon
Orange Tree
Cash-icon 27 cash Coin-icon 225 coins Coin-icon 325 coins Coin-icon 425 coins

Buildings Edit

Horse Stable Chicken Coop Red Barn
  1. Other Limited Edition Building that can be purchased using Farm Cash

Decorations Edit

Blue Hay Bale Farmville Flag Gray Hay Bale Green Hay Bale Hay Bale
Orange Hay Bale Pink Hay Bale Red Hay Bale Violet Hay Bale White Hay Bale
Whitewash Fence Wooden Log Zynga Flag

Gifts Edit

Apple Tree Black Iron Fence Brown Goose Cherry Tree Cow Durian Tree
Fancy Topiary Flax Leaves Fruit Crate Fuschia Greenery Gulmohar Tree Hanging Flowers
Hanging Tomatoes Kensington Bench Long Log Magnolia Tree Milk Crate Mystery Gift
Picket Fence Small Hill Treasure Seagull Whitewash Fence Yellow Greenery
Limited Edition and Exclusive Gifts are included on the list

Other Level types Edit

Cheer Level Edit

At Cheer Level 1 ? become available in the market for your Mistletoe Lane farm.

Zen Level Edit

At Zen Level 1 Nori, Sichuan Pepper and Sticky Rice become available in the market for your Jade Falls farm.

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