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A player installing the FarmVille application for the first time is assigned Level 1, the inevitable starting place on your FarmVille journey. However, on occasion, players run into people on their neighbor page who are ranked Level 0. How is this possible? While Zynga has never released a statement explaining the Level 0 phenomenon, some observations have been made that seem to explain it:

  • Players who have installed and then uninstalled the Farmville application appear to get the "Level 0" designation. Thus, it may be FarmVille's way of designating a player who does not currently have the application installed. However, Facebook users who have never installed the FarmVille application are not displayed as being "Level 0."
  • Some players briefly appear as "Level 0" for a time, after you have sent them a neighbor request. In this case, they will also be marked as "neighbor request pending." After a period of several hours to a day or two, their level will be updated in your Neighbors page.

Other Level types Edit

Cheer Level Edit

At Cheer Level 0, means that you have not started working on your Mistletoe Lane farm.

Zen Level Edit

At Zen Level 0, means that you have not started working on your Jade Falls farm.

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