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First date available: May 16, 2012
Last date available: present
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This article is about the Wikia feature. For Special:Leaderboard, see Leaderboards (disambiguation).

The Leaderboard is a feature introduced on May 16th, 2012. Each week, players can get rewards for completing tasks, and scoring on the leaderboard.


Every week players may participate in one or more leaderboards. The tasks are different each week, and each leaderboard has a specific task. Players get points each time they harvest, build, or craft certain amounts of each item needed for a task.

Each task gives various rewards for completion. In addition, there are 3 prizes that can be gained at the end of the week, depending upon your score on the leaderboard. End of week rewards are the same every week.

If you share a reward, your friends will also have a chance to achieve the same reward afterwards.

Tasks by start date[]

  1. May 16th, 2012: Rainbow Harvest Fest
  2. May 23rd, 2012: Green Thumb!!
  3. May 30th, 2012: Aquarium Whisperer
  4. June 6th, 2012: Livestock Whisperer
  5. June 13th, 2012: Gnome Crop Fest
  6. June 20th, 2012: Pet Pride
  7. June 28th, 2012: Mustard Fest and Tree Master!!
  8. July 4th, 2012: Swiss Chard Fest and Get Crafty
  9. July 11th, 2012: Born To Be Wild and Cherokee Roses Fest
  10. July 18th, 2012: Green Thumb and Crop Master
  11. July 25th, 2012: Zoo Keeper and Flamingo Fest
  12. August 1st, 2012: Livestock Whisperer and Animal Master
  13. August 8th, 2012: Forget-Me-Not Fest and Get Crafty
  14. August 15th, 2012: Pet Pride and Tree Master!!
  15. August 22nd, 2012: Born To Be Wild and Peppermint Fest
  16. August 29th, 2012: Green Thumb and Agave Fest
  17. September 5th, 2012: Lollipop Fest and Get Crafty
  18. September 12th, 2012: Green Thumb and Crop Master
  19. September 19th, 2012: Zoo Keeper and African Eggplant Fest
  20. September 26th, 2012: Dumpling Squash Fest and Get Crafty
  21. October 3rd, 2012: Green Thumb and Animal Master
  22. October 10th, 2012: Livestock Whisperer and Black Pumpkins Fest
  23. October 17th, 2012 : Orange Cauliflower Fest and Get Crafty
  24. October 24th, 2012: Green Thumb and Let's get Spooky
  25. October 31st, 2012: Red Cabbage Fest and Tree Master!!
  26. November 7th, 2012: Pink Okra Fest and Get Crafty
  27. November 14th, 2012: Born To Be Wild and Green Thumb
  28. November 21st, 2012: Chervil Fest and Crop Master
  29. November 28th, 2012: Evening Flower Fest and Get Crafty
  30. December 5th, 2012: Zoo Keeper and Green Thumb
  31. December 12th, 2012: Snowman Crop Fest and Animal Master
  32. December 19th, 2012: Holiday Cookies Fest and Get Crafty
  33. December 26th, 2012: Livestock Whisperer and Green Thumb
  34. January 2nd, 2013: Green Thumb and Fairy Wand Fest
  35. January 9th, 2013: Get Crafty and Animal Master
  36. January 16th, 2013: Ballet Queen Fest and Fairy Wings Fest
  37. January 23rd, 2013: Crystal Hearts Fest and Tree Master!!
  38. January 30th, 2013: Red Corn Fest and Get Crafty
  39. February 6th, 2013: Pet Pride and Rhubarb Fest
  40. February 13th, 2013: Zoo Keeper and Pink Bow Fest
  41. February 20th, 2013: Got Dairy and Crop Master
  42. February 27th, 2013: Black Carnation Fest and Broken Heart Fest
  43. March 6th 2013: Got Dairy and Get Crafty
  44. March 13th, 2013: Pot of Gold Fest and Tree Master!!
  45. March 20th, 2013: Tea Cups Fest, Get Crafty and Got Cream
  46. March 27th, 2013: Currant Tomato Fest, Crop Master and Got Dairy
  47. April 3rd, 2013: Squash Fest, Tree Master!! and Got Butter
  48. April 10th, 2013: Gold Ore Fest, Paint Brush Fest and Dairy Order Fest
  49. April 17th, 2013: Green Thumb, Mini Earths Fest and Turmeric Fest
  50. April 24th, 2013: Hanging Gardens Recipes, Pumpkin Fest and Got Cream
  51. May 1st, 2013: Pink Bow Bonanza, Hanging Gardens Recipes and Fennel Fest
  52. May 8th, 2013: Dairy Order Fest, Grant Wishes and Blue Lupin Fest
  53. May 15th, 2013: Hanging Gardens Recipes, Knitty Gritty and Corsage Fest
  54. May 22nd, 2013: Yarn Order Fest, Chicory Fest and Get Crafty
  55. May 29th, 2013: Got Dairy, Garter Crop Fest and Get Crafty
  56. June 5th, 2013: Spin Wool Thread, Caraway Fest and Get Crafty
  57. June 12th, 2013: Knitty Gritty, Tiara Fest and Tree Master
  58. June 19th, 2013: Grant Wishes, Birthday Cake Fest and Milky Strawberries Fest
  59. June 26th, 2013: Yarn Order Fest, Lovage Fest and Get Spacey!!
  60. July 3rd, 2013: Make Wool Yarn, Got Dairy and Cumin Fest
  61. July 10th, 2013: Knitty Gritty, Glowing Bouquet Fest and Ruzberries Fest
  62. July 17th, 2013: Grant Smoothies, Barcelona Daisy Fest and Get Crafty
  63. July 24th, 2013: Grant Flower Drinks, Make Wool Yarn and Princess Hat!!
  64. July 31st, 2013: Dairy Order Fest, Harvest Paper Flower!! and Animal Master
  65. August 7th, 2013: Crafty Flowers Fest!!, Craft Fuzzy Floats!! and Craft Flower Shoppe Recipes!!
  66. August 14th, 2013: Porcelain Shrub Flower Fest!!, Whoopie Thistles!! and Craft Flower Shoppe Recipes!!
  67. August 21st, 2013: Taste the...rainbow?!, Pink Kiss Fest!! and Craft Fawn Feed Recipe!!
  68. August 28th, 2013: Craft Rainbow Potions!!, Parasol Fest!! and Get Crafty
  69. September 4th, 2013: Sweet Teacups!!, Spice Wheel Fest!! and Tree Master
  70. September 11th, 2013: Dairy Order Fest, High Roller Fest!! and Get Crafty
  71. September 18th, 2013: Craft Blue Bubble Brew!, Horse Lovers!! and Sapphire Aster Fest!!
  72. September 25th, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Craft Red Remedy! and Harvest Kalanchoe!!
  73. October 2nd, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Craft Dream Drafts! and Magic Dandelions Fest!!
  74. October 9th, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Craft Cup of Cordials! and Whispy Tombstone Fest!!
  75. October 16th, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Maple Syrup Leaves Fest! and Get Crafty
  76. October 23rd, 2013: Craft Tickled Pinks!, Jack O Lanterns Fest! and Animal Master
  77. October 30th, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Storybooks Fest! and Get Crafty!!
  78. November 6, 2013: Horse Lovers!!, Pumpkin Wreaths Fest! and Animal Master!!
  79. November 13, 2013: Cinnamon Sticks Leaves Fest!, Hollybright Park!! and Hollybright Tree!!
  80. November 20, 2013: Hollybright Park!!, Seasonal Spirits Fest!! and Hollybright Tree!!
  81. November 27, 2013: Hollybright Park!!, Toy Flowers Fest!! and Hollybright Tree!!
  82. December 4, 2013: Snowflake Flowers Fest!!, Get Crafty!! and Animal Master!!
  83. December 11, 2013: Hot Chocolate Mug Fest!!, Hollybright Tree!! and Tree Master
  84. December 18, 2013: Hollybright Park!!, Night Before Candies Fest!! and Get Crafty!!
  85. December 25, 2013: Mini Holiday Tree Fest!!, Hollybright Tree!! and Animal Master!!
  86. January 1, 2014: Cumulus Puffs Fest!!, Get Crafty!! and Tree Master
  87. January 8, 2014: Frost and Flame Flower Fest!!, Craft Cinnaburst Buns!! and Animal Master!!
  88. January 15, 2014: Jungle Hideaway!!, Allspice Pepper Fest!! and Get Crafty!!
  89. January 22, 2014: Jungle Hideaway!!, Blue Agave Fest!! and Tree Master!!
  90. January 29, 2014: Jungle Hideaway!!, Chocolate Hearts Fest!! and Animal Master!!
  91. February 5, 2014: Jungle Hideaway!!, Royal Crown Fest!! and Get Crafty!!
  92. February 12, 2014: Farmer's Square!!, Queen Anne's Lace Fest!! and Animal Master!!
  93. February 19, 2014: Farmer's Square!!, Cowboy Lassos Fest!! and Tree Master!!
  94. February 26, 2014: Green Thumb!!, Venician Mask Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  95. March 5, 2014: Pet Pride!!, Pots of Gold Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  96. March 12, 2014: Tin Man Fountain!!, Cloud SnapDragons Fest!! and Animal Master!!
  97. March 19, 2014: Farmer's Square!!, Tin Man Fountain!! and Pacifiers Fest!!
  98. March 26, 2014: Tin Man Fountain!!, Lavender Flowers Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  99. April 2, 2014: Tin Man Fountain!!, Muffin Hats Fest!! and Tree Master!!
  100. April 9, 2014: Tin Man Fountain!!, Bubbles Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  101. April 16, 2014: Farmer's Square!!, Tin Man Fountain!! and Rainbow Cloud Fest!!
  102. April 23, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Aphrodite Hearts Fest!! and Animal Master!!
  103. April 30, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Festive Marracas Fest!! and Tree Master!!
  104. May 7, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Neon Lemons Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  105. May 14, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Treble Clef Fest!! and Farmer's Square!!
  106. May 21, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Boniato Fest!! and Blue Sea Cafe!!
  107. May 28, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Candied Grapes Fest!! and Blue Sea Cafe!!
  108. June 4, 2014: Azure Emporium!!, Yucca Fest!! and Animal Master!!
  109. June 11, 2014: Arabian Stallions!!, Cattail Fest!! and Cairo Boutique!!
  110. June 18, 2014: Arabian Stallions!!, Reds Blues and Whites Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  111. June 25, 2014: Arabian Stallions!, Magic Beans Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  112. July 2, 2014: Arabian Stallions!, Magic Hat Flowers Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  113. July 9, 2014: Arabian Stallions!, Roaring 20s Peacock Feather Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  114. July 16, 2014: Arabian Stallions!, Wild Dandelion Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  115. July 23, 2014: Arabian Stallions!, Dream Catcher Fest! and Cairo Boutique!
  116. July 30, 2014: Magic Garden!, Peas in a Pod Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  117. August 6, 2014: Magic Garden!, Fairypuff Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  118. August 13, 2014: Magic Garden!, White Quillis Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  119. August 20, 2014: Pixie Mushroom Fest!, Fairy Forum!, and Jack's Mystery Nursery!
  120. August 27, 2014: Magic Garden!, Groovy Sunflower Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  121. September 3, 2014: Magic Garden!, Tricolor Berry Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  122. September 10, 2014: Magic Garden!, Honey Pot Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  123. September 17, 2014: Magic Garden!, Witch Apple Fest! and Fairy Forum!
  124. September 24, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Jack-O-Tomato Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  125. October 1, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Candycorn Apple Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  126. October 8, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Scary Melon Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  127. October 15, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Mummy Orange Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  128. October 22, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Ghost Pear Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  129. October 29, 2014: Blackjack Barn!, Spooky Pepper Fest! and Witcher's Hut!
  130. November 5, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Aztec Corn Fest!! and Stitch In Time!!
  131. November 12, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Building Block Orange Fest!! and Trick or Treat!!
  132. November 19, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Pecan Pinecone fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  133. November 26, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Angel Raspberry Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  134. December 3, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Gingerbread Bloom Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  135. December 10, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Milk and Cookies Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  136. December 17, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Holiday Cherries Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  137. December 24, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Cozy Pumpkin Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  138. December 31, 2014: Get Crafty!!, Harvest Bling Apples! and Make n Sell!!
  139. January 7, 2015: Get Crafty!!, Harvest Fiery Jalapenos! and Make n Sell!!
  140. January 14, 2015: Get Crafty!!, Fiery Magnifying Lollies! and Make n Sell!!
  141. January 21, 2015: Love Lies Bleeding Fest!!, Icy Bloom Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  142. January 28, 2015: French Fingerling Potato Fest!!, Gala Pinkberry Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  143. February 4, 2015: Good King Henry Fest!!, Lantern Meadow Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  144. February 11, 2015: Scarlet Pimpernal Fest!!, Sparkle Gummy Raspeberries Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  145. February 18, 2015: Golden Beet Fest!!, Baroque Pumpkin Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  146. February 25, 2015: Tansy Fest Fest!!, Lucky Clover Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  147. March 4, 2015: Wild Leek Fest!!, Tulip Bloom Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  148. March 11, 2015: Gem Crusted Pineapple!!, Paparazzi Apple Fest!! and Make n Sell!!
  149. March 18, 2015: Mystical Lotus!!, Spiked Cactus!! and Make n Sell!!
  150. March 25, 2015: Royal Banana!!, Viking Treats!! and Make n Sell!!
  151. April 1, 2015: Golden King Melon!!, Clown Broccoli!! and Make n Sell!!
  152. April 8, 2015: Butterfly Carnation!!, Spring Hyacinth!! and Make n Sell!!
  153. April 15, 2015: Royal Candle!!, Moonlit Apple!! and Make n Sell!!
  154. April 22, 2015: Fiery Dragon Fruit!!, Sunny Flower! and Make n Sell!!
  155. April 29, 2015: Wild Poppy Fruit!!, Maraca Popsicle! and Make n Sell!!

Construction Tasks[]

Aquarium Whisperer

Born To Be Wild

Green Thumb

Livestock Whisperer

Pet Pride

Zoo Keeper

Crop Growing Tasks[]

Crop fests have different predefined amounts, for more details check Leaderboards section on individual crop pages.

Mastery Tasks[]

Animal Master

Crop Master

Tree Master

Crafting Tasks[]

Azure Emporium!!

Blue Sea Cafe!!

Craft Blue Bubble Brew

Craft Cinnaburst Buns

Craft Cup of Cordials

Craft Flower Shoppe Recipes

Craft Fawn Feed Recipe

Craft Fuzzy Floats

Craft Rainbow Potions

Craft Red Remedy

Craft Tickled Pink

Dairy Order

Farmer's Square!!

Get Crafty

Get Spacey

Got Butter

Got Cream

Got Dairy

Hanging Garden Recipes

Hollybright Park

Hollybright Tree

Horse Lovers

Jungle Hideaway

Knitty Gritty

Make Wool Yarn

Spin Wool Thread

Taste the...rainbow

Tin Man Fountain!!

Yarn Order Fest

Other Tasks[]

Grant Smoothies

Grant Flower Drinks

Grant Wishes

Lets get Spooky

End of Week Rewards[]

See Also[]