To obtain the Knock on Wood ribbon, a farmer must harvest trees. Any trees may be harvested and they may be of the same type or different.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Coins Experience Item
Harvested trees yellow 1,000 25 Fig Tree
Harvested trees white 2,500 50 Apricot Tree
Harvested trees red 5,000 100 Banana Tree
Harvested trees blue 10,000 250 Pomegranate Tree

Cherry Trees Edit

Cherry Tree Sea

A sea of Cherry Trees can be helpful in attaining the Knock on Wood ribbon.

Cherry Trees can be harvested once every two days, which is the shortest amount of time of all trees in FarmVille. Hence, they can be very helpful when trying to attain the Knock on Wood ribbon. Pictured below is a sea of 156 Cherry Trees which were planted, 16 to a plot, just to earn this ribbon.

The Yellow Maple Tree was a better option, as it provides more money for the farmer. Initially, this tree was only available during the Autumn Event, but on 30 April 2010 this tree was re-introduced as a gifting item.

The Ornament Tree I and Ornament Tree II are even better options, as it provides even more money for the farmer. However, these trees were only available for the duration of the Winter Holiday Event.

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