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The Japanese Garden Event (2012) is an event on FarmVille, during April 18, 2012 and May 9, 2012 with the introduction of the Japanese Garden theme items. During the event, a number of Japanese items are released.

Load Screen[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Image Title Source Cost Category
Japanese Castle-icon.png Japanese Castle Market 25 cash 25 cash Building
Zen Gnome-icon.png Zen Gnome Market 12 cash 12 cash Decoration
Zen Table Set-icon.png Zen Table Set Market 30,000 coins 30,000 coins Decoration
Zen Waterfall-icon.png Zen Waterfall Market 14 cash 14 cash Decoration
Cherry Blossom Tree (decoration)-icon.png Cherry Blossom Tree Market 4 cash 4 cash Decoration
Female Kimono Costume-icon.png Female Kimono Market 7 cash 7 cash Clothing
Yonaguni Horse-icon.png Yonaguni Horse Market 26 cash 26 cash Animal
Ninja Sheep-icon.png Ninja Sheep Market 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Japanese Bobtail-icon.png Japanese Bobtail Market 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Slow Loris-icon.png Slow Loris Market 12 cash 12 cash or
2,000,000 coins 2,000,000 coins
Ukon Cherry Tree-icon.png Ukon Cherry Tree Market 6 cash 6 cash Tree
Giant Kwanzan Tree-icon.png Giant Kwanzan Tree Market 12 cash 12 cash Tree
Weeping Cherry Tree-icon.png Weeping Cherry Tree Market 8 cash 8 cash Tree
White Weeping Cherry Tree-icon.png White Weeping Cherry Tree Market 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Nagaimo-icon.png Nagaimo Market 90 coins 90 coins Seed
Loquat Tree-icon.png Loquat Tree Market 6 cash 6 cash Tree
Japanese Persimmon Tree-icon.png Japanese Persimmons Tree Market 12 cash 12 cash Tree
Origami Tree-icon.png Origami Tree Market 8 cash 8 cash Tree
Giant Origami Tree-icon.png Giant Origami Tree Market 14 cash 14 cash Tree
Stone Bridge II-icon.png Stone Bridge Market 10 cash 10 cash Decoration
Dry Garden-icon.png Dry Garden Market 5 cash 5 cash Decoration
Stone Path-icon.png Stone Path Market 1 cash 1 cash or
4,000 coconuts 4,000 coconuts
Stone Lantern-icon.png Stone Lantern Market 30,000 coins 30,000 coins Decoration
Tea House III-icon.png Tea House Market 15 cash 15 cash Building
Noma Pony-icon.png Noma Pony Market 24 cash 24 cash Animal
Japanese Spaniel-icon.png Japanese Spaniel Market 12 cash 12 cash Animal
Koi-icon.png Koi Market 6 cash 6 cash or
18,000 coconuts 18,000 coconuts
Samurai Duck-icon.png Samurai Duck Market 16 cash 16 cash Animal
Momonga-icon.png Momonga Market 2,000,000 coins 2,000,000 coins Animal

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