The Japanese Barn is a limited edition building that was released on June 24 2010.

Acquisition Edit

Japanese Garden Event-icon

The subject of this section is part of the Japanese Event, an event that lasted from June 17th, 2010 to July 9th. Since the event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

Similar to the Maison Frame and Botanical Garden the Japanese Barn must be built. The empty frame can be purchased in the market for 5,000 coins and comes with one random building piece. The completed building can be purchased for 50 FarmVille Cash. Individual building pieces can be purchased for 1 cash each. Once a foundation had been acquired, farmers can receive help from their neighbors by gifts of building materials. A total of 50 building materials are needed before the Japanese Barn is built. The Japanese Barn needs 10 each of the following giftable items in order to be completed: Brick, Nail, Wooden Board, Bamboo, and Reed Thatch.

When finished and published, the Japanese Barn gives the claimer a Japanese Trellis.

Storage density can be expressed as number of items hold per squares occupied:

  • 0.408 for 20 items barn
  • 0.61 for 30 items barn (fully upgraded)

Initial capacity is 20 items, 25 after first expansion, 30 items after second (final) expansion. Each expansion requires Barn Raising help from 10 FarmVille friends, without consuming additional build materials.

With final 30 items capacity when fully upgraded, it was slightly less efficient than the Pink Barn (FarmVille Cash only storage building) and much less efficient than a regular Tool Shed. But it is quite cheaper and more efficient than other coin-purchasable storage building like Red Barn.



Wooden Board-iconWooden Boards

Bamboo (material)-iconBamboo Materials

Reed Thatch-iconReed Thatch

Stages Edit

Japanese Barn1-icon Japanese Barn2-icon Japanese Barn-icon Japanese Barn3-icon Building japanesebarn3 icon
Frame 50% complete Completed 1st Expansion 2nd Expansion

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