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Jade Falls is an extension of FarmVille and is the 6th Farm, excluding the expansion farms and mini farms. You needed to be at experience level 15 or above to use this farm. This farm uses the 12x12 expansion system.

Themes Edit

Jade Falls is 1 of 5 Asian themed farms.

The other 4 farms are:

Acquisition Edit

It was first mentioned in FarmVille a short time after Hawaiian Paradise was released. FarmVille released the 6th Farm on the June 5, 2012 to start with early access for Cash-icon 45 cash. Free access to all players was released on the June 11, 2012.

On July 16, 2012; Zynga made the farm inaccessible to those that have not visited the farm and performed a activity/task on it.

On October 1 2013; Zynga made all farms including this one accessible to all players, even if you have not performed any of the required quests and never have visited this farm before. You needed to be at Experience Level 15 or above to use this extra farm.

Early Release Edit

Purchasing Early Access:

Early access to Jade Falls before its free release Cash-icon 45 cash Free Red Dragon Exclusive Quest and its rewards- Jade Falls Chapter 1 Quest.

  • Early Access to Jade Falls
  • Early Access Ticket
  • Jade Falls Billboard placed outside farm
  • Jade Falls Travel Loading Screen
  • Early Access Entry Farm

Starter Packs Edit

For further information of contents please see individual pages.

Jade Falls Starter Packs-icon
Jade Falls Starter Packs
Cash-icon 20 cash, Cash-icon 30 cash & Cash-icon 70 cash
Tiny Dragon Pack-icon

Tiny Dragon Pack
Cash-icon 20 cash
Tiny Dragon Pack Market Info
Phoenix Fun Pack-icon

Phoenix Fun Pack
Cash-icon 30 cash
Phoenix Fun Pack Market Info
Giant Panda Pack-icon

Giant Panda Pack
Cash-icon 70 cash
Giant Panda Pack Market Info

Farm setup Edit

Every farmer will start over in Jade Falls with the same criteria and same size farm. As soon as you get on your Jade Falls (farm) you will have the following items:

  • 12×12 Jade Falls farm (Plot limitations: 20 land, 8 terrace, 8 water)
  • 0 ZP Zen Points
  • Bank of 6,000 Jade Coins
  • A Jade Habitat (for animals) with 12/36 parts completed
  • Mountain Palace at 100% ready
  • Tea Garden Crafting Restaurant Level 1 (with 1 Milk Tea recipe 100% ready)
  • New Jade Falls Crafting Recipes
  • 1 Jade Falls Market Stall
  • 1 Jade Falls Storage Cellar with 100 places for store
  • Kiang 100% ready
  • 2 White Mulberry Tree 100% ready
  • 5 Small Bamboo decorations
  • 2 Medium Bamboo decorations
  • Three different types of Jade Falls Fortunes to uncover
  • Access to new Jade Falls crops, trees, animals

Similar to the previous Volcano Reef, Polar Train Station and Lighthouse Cove, you will have the Mountain Palace that can be upgraded in 10 stages with 3 types of building materials.

Like the previous 3 farms there is a limited number of plots (see more on Farm Upgrade) but this is the first time that you will have 3 types of plots - Floating Plots, Water Plots and Land Plots. Usual crops can be seeded on land crops. Some new crops, like Hamachi on water plots, Sichuan Pepper on land crops, and Sticky Rice on floating crops.

Similar to previous farms, here you have Hidden Treasures, here called Fortunes, that needs to be opened. The Fortunes come in various sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

On this farm quests are again switched to 1 week duration and have 6 stages, like in Lighthouse Cove (farm). Besides these quests you will have and Master Lu Challenges that have different times to be completed.

News is new travel screens. With the introduction to Jade Falls is the new variety of travel screen between farms.

Jade Falls Travel Screen

Jade / Zen points Edit


Jade Falls introduced a new form of currency called Jade. You start with 5,000 jade and can earn more from harvesting animals, crops or trees on Jade Falls.

Zen Point-icon

Zen Points are the the new experience points system used on Jade Falls. You can earn more from harvesting, building and leveling up.

Quest Characters Edit

For further information on Quests please see individual Quest page.

ZP's Edit

  • Zen Points Icon
  • Earn Zen Points in Jade Falls
  • Purchase Items from Zen Points

Mountain Palace Edit

  • Jade Falls Farm with Mountain Palace
  • First Look at the Mountain Palace

Items Edit

This section is for items that are locked to Jade Falls.

Animals Edit

Animals in the Jade Falls Market (Permanent in Market - Non Limited Edition)

Image Name Cost Market image
Akita Cash-icon 14 cash Akita Market Info (June 2012)
Bengal Slow Loris-icon
Bengal Slow Loris Cash-icon 12 cash Bengal Slow Loris Market Info (June 2012)
Black Dragon 2-icon
Black Dragon Cash-icon 20 cash Black Dragon II Market Info (June 2012)
Black Neck Crane-icon
Black Neck Crane Cash-icon 12 cash Black Neck Crane Market Info (June 2012)
Dairy Cow-icon
Dairy Cow Cash-icon 20 cash or Jade-icon 250,000 jade Dairy Cow Market Info (June 2012)
Eurasian Beaver-icon
Eurasian Beaver Cash-icon 12 cash Eurasian Beaver Market Info (June 2012)
Finless Porpoise-icon
Finless Porpoise Cash-icon 14 cash Finless Porpoise Market Info (June 2012)
Gray Raccoon Dog-icon
Gray Raccoon Dog Cash-icon 12 cash Gray Raccoon Dog Market Info (June 2012)
Imperial Dragon-icon
Imperial Dragon Cash-icon 24 cash Imperial Dragon Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Dragon-icon
Jade Dragon Cash-icon 23 cash Jade Dragon Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Falls Golden Pheasant-icon
Jade Falls Golden Pheasant Cash-icon 12 cash or Jade-icon 45,000 jade Jade Falls Golden Market Info (June 2012)
Kiang Cash-icon 22 cash or Jade-icon 95,000 jade Kiang Market Info (June 2012)
Kulan Cash-icon 22 cash Kulan Market Info (June 2012)
Marco Polo Sheep-icon
Marco Polo Sheep Cash-icon 16 cash Marco Polo Sheep Market Info (June 2012)
Mini Panda-icon
Mini Panda Cash-icon 12 cash Mini Panda Market Info (June 2012)
Mongolian Cow-icon
Mongolian Cow Cash-icon 20 cash Mongolian Cow Market Info (June 2012)
Przwalski Horse-icon
Przwalski Horse Cash-icon 22 cash Przwalski Horse Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Falls Red Panda-icon
Red Panda Cash-icon 16 cash or Jade-icon 450,000 jade Red Panda Market Info (June 2012)
Ringed Seal-icon
Ringed Seal Cash-icon 12 cash or Jade-icon 150,000 jade Ringed Seal Market Info (June 2012)
Samurai Horse-icon
Samurai Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Samurai Horse Market Info (June 2012)
Whitetail Mongoose-icon
Whitetail Mongoose Cash-icon 12 cash Whitetail Mongoose Market Info (June 2012)

Buildings Edit

Decoration and Storage Edit

Decoration & Storage in the Jade Falls Market (Permanent in Market - Non Limited Edition)

JF Orchard-icon

Jade Orchard
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
JF Orchard Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Falls Storage Cellar-icon

Jade Falls Storage Cellar

Coin-icon 1 coin
Jade Falls Storage Market Info (June 2012)
JF Garage-icon

Jade Garage

Jade-icon 5,000 jade
Garage Market Info (June 2012)
Hebei Farm House-icon

Hebei Farm House

Cash-icon 15 cash
Hebei Farm House Market Info (June 2012)
Gansu Farm House-icon

Gansu Farm House

Cash-icon 20 cash
Gansu Farm House Market Info (June 2012)
Floating Restaurant-icon

Floating Restaurant

Cash-icon 20 cash
Floating Restaurant Market Info (June 2012)
JF Okinawan Castle-icon

Okinawan Castle
Cash-icon 25 cash or
Jade-icon 1,000,000 jade
Okinawan Castle Market Info (June 2012)
Village Shop-icon

Village Shop

Cash-icon 20 cash
Village Shop Market Info (June 2012)

Animal Breeding Pens Edit

Animals Breeding Pens in the Jade Falls Market (Permanent in Market - Non Limited Edition)

JF Chicken Coop-icon

Chicken Coop
Jade-icon 5,000 jade
Chicken Coop Market Info (June 2012)
JF Horse Paddock-icon

Jade Paddock
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Paddock Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Pasture-icon

Jade Pasture
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Pasture Market Info (June 2012)
JF Wildlife Habitat-icon

Jade Habitat
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Habitat Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Aviary-icon

Jade Aviary
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Aviary Market Info (June 2012)
JF Baby Playpen-icon

Jade Playpen
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Playpen Market Info (June 2012)
Jade Aquarium-icon

Jade Aquarium
Constructable Frame
Jade-icon 1 jade
Jade Aquarium Market Info (June 2012)

Breeding Mystery Babies

Crafting - Tea Garden Edit

For further information of the crafting recipes and their requirements please see Tea Garden Page.

Tea Garden Frame-icon

Tea Garden
Constructable Frame
Coin-icon 100,000 coins
Tea Garden Market Info (June 2012)
Tea Garden-icon

Tea Garden

5 Star

Decorations Edit

Crops Edit

Seeds in the Jade Falls Market (Permanent in Market - Non Limited Edition)

Image Name Cost Market info Tile type
Azuki Jade-icon 10 jade Azuki Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Bok Choy-icon
Bok Choy Jade-icon 70 jade Bok Choy Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Chinese Cotton-icon
Chinese Cotton Jade-icon 130 jade Chinese Cotton Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Chinese Daikon-icon
Chinese Daikon Jade-icon 25 jade 100px Terrace Crop
Chinese Eggplant-icon
Chinese Eggplant Jade-icon 100 jade Chinese Eggplant Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Edamame Jade-icon 300 jade Edamame Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Forbidden Calamari-icon
Forbidden Calamari Jade-icon 380 jade Forbidden Calamari Market Info (June 2012) Water Crop
Forbidden Chestnut-icon
Forbidden Chestnut Jade-icon 225 jade Forbidden Chestnut Market Info (June 2012) Terrace Crop
Forbidden Daikon-icon
Forbidden Daikon Jade-icon 27 jade Forbidden Daikon Market Info (June 2012) Terrace Crop
Forbidden Eggplant-icon
Forbidden Eggplant Jade-icon 315 jade Forbidden Eggplant Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Forbidden Rock Cod-icon
Forbidden Rock Cod Jade-icon 83 jade Forbidden Rock Cod Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Forbidden Tea-icon
Forbidden Tea Jade-icon 152 jade Forbidden Tea Market Info (July 2012) Land Crop
Grouper Jade-icon 40 jade Grouper Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Hamachi Jade-icon 110 jade 100px Water Crop
Imperial Rice-icon
Imperial Rice Jade-icon 20 jade Imperial Rice Market Info (July 2012) Terrace Crop
Imperial Tea-icon
Imperial Tea Jade-icon 150 jade Imperial Tea Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Jade Bamboo-icon
Jade Bamboo Jade-icon 25 jade Jade Bamboo Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Jade Peanut-icon
Jade Peanut Jade-icon 410 jade Jade Peanut Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Lemongrass Jade-icon 35 jade Lemongrass Market Info (July 2012) Land Crop
Lotus Jade-icon 140 jade Lotus Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Lowland Ginger-icon
Lowland Ginger Jade-icon 60 jade Lowland Ginger Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Millet Jade-icon 350 jade Millet Market Info (July 2012) Terrace Crop
Nori Jade-icon 60 jade 100px Water Crop
Prawn Jade-icon 35 jade Prawn Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Ramen Jade-icon 14 jade Ramen Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Rock Cod-icon
Rock Cod Jade-icon 80 jade Rock Cod Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Saba Jade-icon 300 jade Saba Market Info (July 2012) Water Crop
Sichuan Pepper-icon
Sichuan Pepper Jade-icon 3 jade Sichuan Pepper Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Squid Jade-icon 370 jade Squid Market Info (June 2012) Water Crop
Sticky Rice-icon
Sticky Rice Jade-icon 150 jade 100px Terrace Crop
Water Chestnut-icon
Water Chestnut Jade-icon 220 jade Water Chestnut Market Info (July 2012) Terrace Crop
Wasabi Jade-icon 60 jade Wasabi Market Info (July 2012) Terrace Crop
White Cloud Tea-icon
White Cloud Tea Jade-icon 12 jade White Cloud Tea Market Info (June 2012) Land Crop
Green Onion-icon
Green Onion Jade-icon 70 jade 100px Land Crop
Horseradish Jade-icon 70 jade 100px Land Crop
Scallops Jade-icon 56 jade 100px Water Crop
Sesame Jade-icon 200 jade 100px Land Crop

Trees Edit

Unwither Rings Edit

Main article: Unwither Ring

Unwither Ring Appearances - for more information regarding Unwither Rings please see Unwither Ring Unwither Ring available yet to be released for a limited time.

  • Speculation* - Note: Information may change when items are released.

Beat Jade Falls Edit

Beat Jade Falls-icon
 Well the time has come and it appears Jade Falls is coming to an end, but not JUST yet. In this little sub quest, you will have the opportunity to conquer Jade Falls by completing a few tasks. Those tasks are Completed the Mountain Palace to Level 10, Complete the Imperial Shipyard to Level 10, Master Select Jade Falls Crops and have a 5 Star Tea Garden. The rewards for beating Jade Falls are
Beat Jade Falls Trophy-icon
Beat Jade Falls Trophy, a Jade Falls Shipping License, and some ZP and XP. For a list of what crops are needed for the Crop Mastery portion.
  1. Upgrade Mountain Palace to level 10 - reward for completing is Zen Point-icon 2,000 zen points
  2. Upgrade Imperial Shipyard to level 10 - reward for completing is Zen Point-icon 3,000 zen points
  3. Master selected Jade Falls crops to Level 3: Sticky Rice, Azuki, Grouper, Sichuan Pepper, Chinese Daikon, Imperial Tea, Chinese Cotton, Prawn, White Cloud Tea, Rock Cod, Bok Choy, Lowland Ginger, Water Cress, Horseradish, Ramen, Green Onion, Imperial Rice, Sesame, Lemongrass, Brown Rice - reward for completing is 3 Turbo Chargers
  4. Have a 5 star Tea Garden - reward is Instagrow Potion

Hidden Treasures Edit

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion Edit

Main article: Expand Farm

Slideshow Edit

  • Early Access Notification
  • Shipping License Loading Screen
  • Requirements
  • Reward
  • Plot types: Land, Water & Terrace
  • 32x32 Coin Expansion
  • 34x34 Coin Expansion

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