The Ireland Event is an event on FarmVille that began on May 28, 2011. During this event, new Irish-themed items were released.

Items Edit

Image Name Cost Type
Kerry Cow-icon Kerry Cow Cash-icon 22 cash Animal
Kerry Calf-icon Kerry Calf Dairy Farm Animal
Irish Hunter Horse-icon Irish Hunter Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Irish Hunter Foal-icon Irish Hunter Foal Horse Stable Animal
Irish Cottage II-icon Irish Cottage Coin-icon 300,000 coins Building
Irish Farmhouse-icon Irish Farmhouse Cash-icon 30 cash Building
Irish Girl Gnome-icon Irish Girl Gnome Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Mossy Bridge-icon Mossy Bridge Coin-icon 250,000 coins Decoration
Foxglove Flowerbed-icon Foxglove Flowerbed Coin-icon 7,000 coins Decoration
Irish Falls-icon Irish Falls Cash-icon 22 cash Decoration
Red Valerian-icon Red Valerian Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Strawberry Tree-icon Irish Strawberry Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Chinese Strawberry-icon Chinese Strawberry Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
European Robins-icon European Robins Cash-icon 9 cash Decoration
Irish Library-icon Irish Library Cash-icon 18 cash Building
Connemara Pony-icon Connemara Pony Cash-icon 24 cash Animal
Irish Hare-icon Irish Hare Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Irish Shop-icon Irish Shop Cash-icon 18 cash Building
Bench Set-icon Bench Set Coin-icon 15,000 coins Decoration
Irish Cliff-icon Irish Cliff Coin-icon 120,000 coins Decoration
Irish Stone Wall-icon Irish Stone Wall Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Wild Crocus-icon Wild Crocus Coin-icon 8,000 coins Decoration
Gorse Tree-icon Gorse Tree Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Broom Tree-icon Boom Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Service Tree-icon Service Tree Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Wild Service Tree-icon Wild Service Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Giant Gorse Tree-icon Giant Gorse Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Giant Broom Tree-icon Giant Broom Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Irish Cob Horse-icon Irish Cob Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Irish Cob Foal-icon Irish Cob Foal Horse Stable Animal
Irish Castle-icon Irish Castle Cash-icon 45 cash Building
Irish Windmill-icon Irish Windmill Cash-icon 25 cash Decoration
Irish Garden Table-icon Irish Garden Table Coin-icon 50,000 coins Decoration
Irish Flower Pot-icon Irish Flower Pot Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Irish Fountain-icon Irish Fountain Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Gerberas Flowerbed-icon Gerberas Flowerbed Coin-icon 5,000 coins Decoration
Pochard Duck-icon Pochard Duck Cash-icon 16 cash Animal

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