In Fashion
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Goal Information
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Description Having your own style helps to express who you are. You can change your Farmer's looks and clothes by clicking on them.
Item reward(s) Pink Ponytail Horse, 1 VIP Ticket & "Fashion of His Love" preview
Sharing Bonus(es):
Electric Chapel In Fashion Born This Way

In Fashion is the third mission in the Lady Gaga Quest series. It was released on May 18th, 2011 as part of the GagaVille Event and was available for 24 hours only. To complete it, the player needs to:

Objectives Edit

GagaVille Event-icon
Visit GagaVille
Buy 1 Sheep
Fertilize All-icon
Fertilize 3 Neighbors' Crops Skip for Cash-icon 5 cash

Gallery Edit

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