The Ice Palace is a constructable building on FarmVille.

Acquisition Edit

It was originally released on December 26th, 2011 as part of the Winter Holiday Event (2011).

The Ice Palace has seven construction phases. Once complete, you can use your Ice Palace to collect Magic Snowflakes for your (upcoming) Magic Snowman. Each time you visit a Ice Palace on one of your neighbors’ farms you will receive a Magic Snowflake.

After the Ice Palace is made available to you, place your Ice Palace frame on your farm and start building! If you can’t locate your building frame check your FarmVille Gift Box.

Collecting Building Materials can be acquired either by:

  • Sending and receiving from Free Gifts page
  • Friends sharing their progress on constructing their Ice Palace
  • Harvesting their or their neighbors Ice Palace
  • Ask for more using the button found when "Looking Inside" the Ice Palace
  • Purchase directly using Farm Cash

Similar to other constructible buildings you will collect materials to complete your Ice Palace. There are 7 building stages which are listed below. Each stage requires more materials and as you build up your castle it will change appearance becoming more grand with each stage.

When it was fully upgraded it could be stored in the Storage Cellar.

Stages Edit

Building Stages
Image Ice Palace Stage 1-icon Ice Palace Stage 2-icon Ice Palace Stage 3-icon Ice Palace Stage 4-icon Ice Palace Stage 5-icon Ice Palace Stage 6-icon Ice Palace Stage 7-icon
Stage Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7
Classification  ?TBA?  ?TBA?  ?TBA?  ?TBA?  ?TBA?  ?TBA?  ?TBA?
Harvest For 1 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
1 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
2 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
2 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
3 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
4 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon
4 Magic Snowflake
Magic Snowflake-icon

Materials Edit

Snow Brick Magic Snowflake Part Ice Nail
Snow Brick-icon
Magic Snowflake Part-icon
Ice Nail-icon
Stage 1 12 Needed 12 Needed 12 Needed
Stage 2 14 Needed 14 Needed 14 Needed
Stage 3 16 Needed 16 Needed 16 Needed

At Stage 4 the Materials change to:

Snowglobe Ice Board Frozen Beam
Ice Board-icon
Frozen Beam-icon
Stage 4 18 Needed 18 Needed 18 Needed
Stage 5 20 Needed 20 Needed 20 Needed
Stage 6 26 Needed 26 Needed 26 Needed

Harvesting Edit

You will be able to harvest your Ice Palace once per day. Each time you harvest your palace, you can receive anywhere from 1-4 Magic Snowflakes for the Magic Snowman (coming soon). Additionally, when you visit your friends’ farms you can receive free tickets when clicking on their Ice Palace. The Magic Snowman will allow you to collect snowflakes and redeem some cool prizes. Even though the Magic Snowman is not out just yet, you can still get a head start by collecting snowflakes!

Gallery Edit

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