Hybrid Crops are special crops in Farmville. Ten of them were released on February 4th, 2011, coinciding with the release of the Greenhouse. They can be planted on the Home farm only. They are unlocked for English farm, but after first planted seed game go out of sync and make big problems for removing since they instantly wither.


Seeds for hybrid crops can be produced in a Greenhouse (50 seeds per nursery tray); they can also be obtained when other farmers share them (20 seeds), or by visiting the Greenhouses of other farmers (5 seeds, can also be shared).

In the Greenhouse, hybrid crops are produced by combining two different seed types together (e.g., Lilac and Daffodils) to get a new special crop (in this case, Lilac Daffy). Once a hybrid crop is mastered, it is unlocked and available for purchase for coins in the market. There is no need to produce additional seeds in the Greenhouse. This explans some obscure messages such as "To Unlock Purple Tomatoes, you must have already mastered Purple Tomatoes" (originally seen when hovering your cursor over the 'Locked' label on seeds in the Market). The coin and XP yields of the hybrid crops are notably higher than those of the 'parent' seeds, so the effort of mastering them may be worthwhile.

Additionally once a particular hybrid crop has been mastered and all the seeds produced from the Greenhouse have been planted the cost per seed in the market place is lower than the cost per seed for creating the seed in the Greenhouse. For instance Straspberries cost 1500 for 50 working out to Coin-icon 30 coins per seed when created in the Greenhouse. After being mastered they cost only Coin-icon 20 coins per seed in the market ultimately increasing the profit margin.

After you have successful breed the hybrid crops, you will only be rewarded with XP when planting the seeds.

Hybrid Crops are generally used for quick leveling. Some of the seeds are also used for their profits (e.g.: purple tomatoes). Their bushels are not required in any of the crafting cottages.

List of Hybrid CropsEdit

Hourly coin profitsEdit

Seed Cost (50) Plow Sell Hours Seed Cost Plus Plow Seed Profit Profit/Hour
Purple Tomato 7500 15 274 4 150 165 109 27.25
Straspberry 1500 15 91 2 30 45 46 23.00
Long Onion 13250 15 505 12 265 280 225 18.75
Whiskey Peat 14500 15 680 23 290 305 375 16.30
Fire Pepper 7500 15 302 12 150 165 137 11.42
Sun Poppy 9250 15 455 23 185 200 255 11.09
Red Spinach 5000 15 255 14 100 115 140 10.00
Double Grain 2900 15 167 12 58 73 94 7.83
Squmpkin 3500 15 199 16 70 85 114 7.13
Lilac Daffy 4750 15 220 16 95 110 110 6.88

As the chart shows, all but three of the Hybrid seeds are better for coin profit than the highest standard seed, Forget-Me-Not at Coin-icon 8.89 coins per hour.


The above chart calculates $ (Sell-((Cost/50)+Plow)/Hours=Profit per Hour $. Example...Purple Tomato cost Coin-icon 7,500 coins to grow in the Greenhouse. It produces $ 50 seeds (7500/50=cost 150 coins per seed) $. In order to plant them the land must be plowed for an additional Coin-icon 15 coins per plot ($ 150+15=cost 165 $ coin per seed planted). Once harvested, the seed sells for Coin-icon 274 coins each ($ 274-165=109 $ profit per seed or plot). Purple Tomato takes 4 hours to grow ($ 109/4= 27.25 coin $ profit per hour).

NOTE: Remember when using this formula to calculate profit for other crops that daily crops are 23 hours per day, not 24.


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