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For Tractor (disambiguation), see Hot Rod Tractor (disambiguation).

The Hot Rod Tractor is a vehicle in FarmVille and was originally available between January 21 2010 and February 16 2010. It begins with the ability to plow an area of up to 3x3 plots (still consumes the same amount of fuel per plot) and is more than twice as fast as a regular Tractor. Players can upgrade it to 8x8, using Vehicle Parts.


Farmers were able to unlock this item for free if they were at least Level 10 in another Zynga Game, Mafia Wars during the promotion. The promotion has now ended, and the only way to get this item is to purchase it for 55 cash 55 cash.

Due to high demand, the availability of the Hod Rod Tractor was extended until February 16, 2010. It was then once again extended to March 31, 2010. It was then released as a permanent item in the Market.

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