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The Horse is an animal on FarmVille. This animal can be received as a gift or purchased from the market for Coin-icon 50,000 coins. When intially placed, the Horse grants XP-icon 500 experience. A horse takes 3 days to grow on land tiles. If placed inside the Horse Stable or Horse Paddock, it only takes 1 day to grow. After that time, a farmer may collect horsehair, which gives Coin-icon 84 coins. You must at least be level 21 to send a horse as a gift.

Acquisition Edit

A horse may be obtained either as a gift from a neighbor or as a reward to a farmer for earning the blue Noah's Ark ribbon.

Buildings Edit

You can build a Horse Stable or Horse Paddock to put your horses in. It makes for easier and faster collecting, especially when you have multiple horses. You can find bonuses while harvesting horses from buildings.

Horse Paddock

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The Horse can be stored in the Horse Paddock. The Horse Paddock can be harvested every 1 day. When harvesting the Horse Paddock containing at least one Horse, in addition to currency, it is possible to find the Foal or Animal Feed.

Horse Hall

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The Horse can be stored in the Horse Hall. The Horse Hall can be harvested every 12 hours. When harvesting a Horse Hall containing at least one Horse, it is possible to find 2 Horseshoes. One is for the farmer, and the other can only be shared with friends.

Horse StableEdit

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The Horse can be stored in the Horse Stable. A Horse Stable can be harvested once every day. When harvesting a Horse Stable containing at least one Horse, players have a chance to find one Foal*, Arborist, Farmhand, or XP-icon 100 experience. Farmhands, Arborists, and experience go directly to the player's gift box. However, the Foal may only be shared to the player's wall, where it may be adopted by the player's friends.


  • Zynga considers the Horse a horse. Horses require the presence of at least 1 (one) stallion in the Horse Stable in order to produce a foal.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 1
Level 2 3
Level 3 5
Horse Mastery Sign-icon

Brown Horse Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

It is based off the real world American Quarter Horse[citation needed].

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