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The Holiday Party Style is a voting building. It was originally released on December 19th, 2012. It had 12 questions, with 2 options for each answer.


Stage 0 Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
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Holiday Party Style All Left Answers Holiday Party Style All Right Answers
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Icon Question Votes Image Item Name Category

Question 1Edit

Would I prefer to go caroling or have a snowball fight?

Caroler Cow-icon Jack Frost Cow-icon
Caroler Cow Jack Frost Cow

Question 2Edit

Would I prefer to bake cookies or be mischevious?

Holiday Baker Gnome-icon Whoopie Cushion Gnome-icon
Holiday Baker Gnome Whoopie Cushion Gnome

Question 3Edit

Would I prefer laughing with people or making people laugh?

Jolly Snowman-icon Laughing Snowman-icon
Jolly Snowman Laughing Snowman

Question 4Edit

Would I rather give a gift or get a gift?

Giving Horse-icon Wrapped Horse-icon
Giving Horse Wrapped Horse

Question 5Edit

Would you rather stay warm at home or go out and party?

Ugly Sweater Bear-icon Party Bear-icon
Ugly Sweater Bear Party Bear

Question 6Edit

As a kid I prefered toys or games?

Christmas Toy Shop-icon Trickster Toy Shop-icon
Christmas Toy Shop Trickster Toy Shop

Question 7Edit

Would Santa give you a gift or coal?

Tinsel Maple Tree-icon Coal Tree-icon
Tinsel Maple Tree Coal Tree

Question 8Edit

Am I more like sugar or spice?

Sugar Tree-icon Spice Tree-icon
Sugar Tree Spice Tree

Question 9Edit

Do I prefer a quiet toast or a countdown crowd?

Quiet Toast-icon Countdown Crowd-icon
Quiet Toast Countdown Crowd

Question 10Edit

Is my ideal party intimate or boisterous?

Candle Light Tree-icon Loud Noisemaker Tree-icon
Candle Light Tree Loud Noisemaker Tree

Question 11Edit

Am I more shy or sly?

Bashful Bunny-icon Sly Rabbit-icon
Bashful Bunny Sly Rabbit

Question 12Edit

Would I host a party or be the life of the party?

Host Pegacorn-icon Life Of The Party Pegacorn-icon
Host Pegacorn Life Of The Party Pegacorn

Final RewardEdit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.


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