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The Holiday Hearth was a building on FarmVille.


It was originally released on December 20, 2011 for the Winter Holiday Event (2011).


It works in a similar way to the Harvest Bonfire and all other previous “basket”-type events in FarmVille. Farmer could collect as many Stocking Stuffers as possible, which could be traded in for exclusive Winter Holiday-themed items. Stocking Stuffers could be acquired either by:

  • Harvesting your Holiday Hearth
  • Sending and receiving from Free Gifts page
  • Harvesting neighbors Holiday Hearth when visiting their farm
  • Friends sharing to celebrate progress on filling up their Holiday Hearth, harvesting their or their neighbors Holiday Hearth.
  • Purchase directly using Farm Cash

Once you fill your Holiday Hearth with at least 10 Stocking Stuffers, you'll receive a Forest Snow Globe and also one to share with your neighbors. Then, you will have the option to ask your friends if you've been Naughty or Nice by getting votes.


200px Holiday Hearth Notification.PNG Holiday Hearth Congratulations Notification.PNG Holiday Hearth Inside.PNG

Sendable items[]

Small Pile of Stocking Stuffers-icon.png

Small Pile of Stocking Stuffers

Big Pile of Stocking Stuffers-icon.png

Big Pile of Stocking Stuffers


Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Holiday Hearth Stage 1-icon.png
Holiday Hearth Stage 2-icon.png
Holiday Hearth Stage 3-icon.png

Redeemable Items[]

Stocking Stuffers could be exchanged for various prizes.

Forest Snow Globe-icon.png

Forest Snow Globe
Radiant Sun Tree-icon.png

Radiant Sun Tree
Naughty Prize
Starry Night Tree-icon.png

Starry Night Tree
Nice Prize
North Pole Gnome-icon.png

North Pole Gnome
Naughty Prize
Gift Giving Gnome-icon.png

Gift Giving Gnome
Nice Prize
Black Snow Fantasy Horse-icon.png

Black Snow Fantasy Horse
Naughty Prize
White Snow Fantasy Horse-icon.png

White Snow Fantasy Horse
Nice Prize


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