Heirloom Crops are seeds that require a past crop to be mastered for it to be unlocked and able to be planted. Bushels of locked crops purchased from the Farmer's Market allow the user to plant that crop as long as the bushel is active. The locked crops can either be a permanent crop, or a Limited Edition crop, such as Triticale (only available during the Swiss Alps Event) and Dog Rose (German Event). It is expected to see more of these Limited Edition locked crops in the future.

Heirloom Crops Edit

Below is a chart of heirloom crops, the required level you need to be to plant the crop (without a special license to plant, see under bushels), the crop mastery needed to be able to plant it, and the availibility of the crop.

Crop Level Mastery Availability
Carnival Squash-icon Carnival Squash 63 Pattypan Squash Permanent
Chickpea-icon Chickpea 10 Soybean Permanent
Dog Rose-icon Dog Rose 24 Pink Roses

German Event

Electric Lily-icon Electric Lily 98

Lilies, Orange Daisies, Sunflowers, and White Roses

Gladiolus-icon Gladiolus 28 Daffodils Permanent
Heirloom Carrot-icon Heirloom Carrot 57 Carrot Permanent
Orange Daisy-icon Orange Daisies 59 Gladiolus Permanent
Posole Corn-icon Posole Corn 54 Corn Permanent
Purple Asparagus-icon Purple Asparagus 47 Asparagus Permanent
Purple Podded Pea-icon Purple Pod Peas 40 Peas Permanent
Square Melon-icon Square Melon 52 Watermelon and
Yellow Melon
Triticale-icon Triticale 23 Wheat and Rye Swiss Alps Event
White Rose-icon White Roses 80 Pink Roses Permanent
Zucchini-icon Zucchini 27 Pattypan Squash Permanent
Chardonnay-icon Chardonnay 45 White Grape Permanent
Zinfandel-icon Zinfandel 30 Grape Permanent
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