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Hay Bales was a decoration available on FarmVille. There are 11 colors of hay bale available. Most Hay Bales can be bought from the market.

Hay Bale pixel art[]

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Hay bales are often used in pixel art, where multiple hay bales are used to create images on a farm.


Hay bales are also often used to earn the Pack Rat ribbon, as they are the cheapest and smallest decoration available. Hay Bales are also good for earning quick experience because they yield 5 XP per 95 coins spent, or 1 XP for 19 coins (as opposed to 1 XP for 100 coins, not considering the selling price, of other buildings and decorations), and can be placed without revisiting the Market, like fences.

Hay Bale structures[]

Hay bales are often used to build pyramids, stairs, or other similar structures by "stacking" them, i.e. placing them in a way that they appear to be lying on top of each other.