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The subject of this section was part of the Hawaiian Paradise Event (not to be confused with the Hawaiian Paradise farm). The event began on February 2012. Since the event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

The Hawaiian Paradise Event was an event on FarmVille, that started in February 2012. During the event, a number of island themed items were released.

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Image Title Source Cost Category
Lava Flower-icon Lava Flower Market Coin-icon 20 coins Seed
Fire Apple Tree-icon Fire Apple Tree Market Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Giant Fire Apple Tree-icon Giant Fire Apple Tree Market Cash-icon 12 cash Tree
Lava Stone Tree-icon Lava Stone Tree Market Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Lava Stone Tree-icon Giant Lava Stone Tree Market Cash-icon 16 cash Tree
Lava Waterfall-icon Lava Waterfall Market Cash-icon 14 cash Decoration
Lava Gnome-icon Lava Gnome Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Volcano Gem-icon Volcano Gem Market Cash-icon 12 cash or
Coconut-icon 31,000 coconuts
Lava Horse-icon Lava Horse Market Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Lava Cow-icon Lava Cow Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Lava Sheep-icon Lava Sheep Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Orangutan-icon Orangutan Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Lava Turtle-icon Lava Turtle Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Lava Fish-icon Lava Fish Market Cash-icon 7 cash or
Coconut-icon 17,000 coconuts
Rainforest Bistro-icon Rainforest Bistro Market Cash-icon 7 cash Building
Hawaiian Rainforest-icon Hawaiian Rainforest Market Cash-icon 3 cash Decoration
Vine Bench-icon Vine Bench Market Coin-icon 20,000 coins Decoration
Pitcher Plant-icon Pitcher Plant Market Coin-icon 8,000 coins Decoration
Lagoon-icon Lagoon Market Coin-icon 5,000 coins Decoration
Hawaii Resort-icon Hawaii Resort Market Cash-icon 25 cash Building
Shark Gnome-icon Shark Gnome Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Seahorse Fountain-icon Seahorse Fountain Market Cash-icon 10 cash Decoration
Sand Dolphin-icon Sand Dolpin Market Coin-icon 30,000 coins Decoration
Coral Fountain-icon Coral Fountain Market Cash-icon 10 cash Decoration
Coral Carriage-icon Coral Carriage Market Coin-icon 30,000 coins Decoration
Coral Home-icon Coral Home Market Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Shark Dog-icon Shark Dog Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Orchid Stallion-icon Orchid Stallion Market Cash-icon 30 cash Animal
Giant Orchid Stallion-icon Giant Orchid Stallion Market Cash-icon 32 cash Animal
Hibiscus Rabbit-icon Hibiscus Rabbit Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Giant Hibiscus Rabbit-icon Giant Hibiscus Rabbit Market Cash-icon 14 cash Animal
Aloha Sheep-icon Aloha Sheep Market Cash-icon 16 cash or
Coconut-icon 20,000 coconuts
Aloha Sheep-icon Giant Aloha Sheep Market Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Aloha Chicken-icon Aloha Chicken Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Aloha Unicorn-icon Aloha Unicorn Market Cash-icon 30 cash Animal
Coral Horse-icon Coral Horse Market Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Coral Ram-icon Coral Ram Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Orchid Cow-icon Orchid Cow Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Ukulele Duck-icon Ukulele Duck Market Cash-icon 16 cash or
Coconut-icon 36,500 coconuts
White Park Cow-icon White Park Cow Market Coin-icon 3,000,000 coins Animal
Seashell Ram-icon Seashell Ram Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Sea Shell Boar-icon Sea Shell Boar Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Hibiscus Horse-icon Hibiscus Horse Market Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Hibiscus Boar-icon Hibiscus Boar Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Hawaiian Dog-icon Hawaiian Dog Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Orchid Goat-icon Orchid Goat Market Cash-icon 14 cash Animal
Shark Cow-icon Shark Cow Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Giant Shark Cow-icon Giant Shark Cow Market Cash-icon 22 cash Animal
Pearl Horse-icon Pearl Horse Market Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Coral Ram-icon Coral Ram Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Caiman-icon Caiman Market Coin-icon 2,500,000 coins Animal
Snorkeling Pony-icon Snorkeling Pony Market Cash-icon 24 cash or
Coconut-icon 37,000 coconuts
Hibiscus Pig-icon Hibiscus Pig Market Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Red Merganser-icon Red Merganser Market Coin-icon 2,000,000 coins Animal
Dalesbred Sheep-icon Dalesbred Sheep Market Coin-icon 2,500,000 coins Animal
Coral Reef Arch-icon Coral Reef Arch Market Cash-icon 8 cash or
Coconut-icon 7,000 coconuts
Hawaiian Gazebo-icon Hawaiian Gazebo Market Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Spa Bath Gnome-icon Spa Bath Gnome Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Orchid Flower-icon Orchid Flower Market Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Kou Tree-icon Kou Tree Market Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Ohia Tree-icon Ohia Tree Market Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
White Plumeria-icon White Plumeria Tree Market Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Yellow Plumeria Tree-icon Yellow Plumeria Tree Market Cash-icon 12 cash Tree
Pink Plumeria-icon Pink Plumeria Tree Market Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Red Plumeria Tree-icon Red Plumeria Tree Market Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Sugar Apple Tree-icon Sugar Apple Tree Market Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Papaya Tree-icon Papaya Tree Market Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Cecropia Tree-icon Cecropia Tree Market Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Shave Ice (crop)-icon Shave Ice Market Cash-icon 5 cash Seed
Lokelani-icon Lokelani Market Coin-icon 25 coins Seed
Lava Pegasus-icon Lava Pegasus Market Cash-icon 30 cash Animal
Lava Tiger-icon Lava Tiger Market Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Lava Chicken-icon Lava Chicken Market Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Lava Lizard-icon Lava Lizard Market Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Red Eyed Frog-icon Red Eyed Frog Market Coin-icon 1,500,000 coins Animal
Flying Fish-icon Flying Fish Market Cash-icon 6 cash or
Coconut-icon 17,000 coconuts
Island Resort-icon Island Resort
Market Cash-icon 36 cash Building
Modern Cottage II-icon Modern Cottage
Market Cash-icon 25 cash Building
Lava Castle-icon Lava Castle Market Cash-icon 20 cash Building
Beach Volleyball-icon Beach Volleyball
Market Cash-icon 30 cash Decoration
Surf Shack-icon Surf Shack
Market Cash-icon 18 cash Decoration
Mini Beach-icon Mini Beach
Market Cash-icon 16 cash Decoration
Lava Bridge-icon Lava Bridge Market Cash-icon 14 cash Decoration
Hot Pink Flamingo-icon Hot Pink Flamingo
Market Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Lava Island-icon Lava Island Market Cash-icon 7 cash or
Coconut-icon 20,000 coconuts
Beach Rock Arch-icon Beach Rock Arch
Market Cash-icon 5 cash Decoration
Lava Path-icon Lava Path Market Cash-icon 2 cash or
Coconut-icon 6,000 coconuts
Lava Banyan Tree-icon Lava Banyan Tree Market Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Giant Lava Banyan Tree-icon Giant Lava Banyan Tree Market Cash-icon 12 cash Tree
Fire Gem Tree-icon Fire Gem Tree Market Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Large Fire Gem Tree-icon Large Fire Gem Tree Market Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Sea Snake-icon Sea Snake Market Cash-icon 5 cash or
Coconut-icon 15,000 coconuts
Water Tiki Bar-icon Water Tiki Bar Market Cash-icon 8 cash or
Coconut-icon 11,200 coconuts

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