Happy Trees
Happy Trees-icon

—Image © Zynga
Goal Information
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Description Planting trees always makes me feel connected to the land. Some of those big trees are ones I planted as a young girl.
Points rewarded: XP-icon 300 XP
Currency Rewards Coin-icon 2,500 coins
Item reward(s) Northern Red Oak Tree
Sharing Bonus(es):
Item Fertilize All
Series Lighthouse Cove Early Access Quest
Pick It Up Happy Trees none

Happy Trees is the third and final mission of the Lighthouse Cove Early Access series. To complete it, the player needs to:

Tree Fertilizer-icon
Get 6 Tree Fertilizers Skip for Cash-icon 30 cash
Butter & Sugar Corn-icon Harvest 45 Butter & Sugar Corn Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash
Beech Tree-icon
Store 20 Trees in a Orchard Skip for Cash-icon 20 cash


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