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This article is about Hanging Gardens themed items and quests that are not locked to to the Hanging Gardens farm. For Hanging Gardens (event), see Hanging Gardens (farm) (disambiguation).

Hanging Gardens is a mini farm in FarmVille, similar to Anglers Pond and to Sunflower Meadows in that it has no quests related to it. It was released on April 4, 2013 to all players. You needed to be at Experience Level 15 or above to use this extra farm.

Starting your farm[]

You start your farm of with the following:

1x Storage Cellar (linked to all of your other Farms with a Shipping license)
1x Garden Tool Shed (used to craft Trowels)
300x Plots, covered with Hidden Treasures that must be cleared before you can use them to place animals, buildings, crops or decorations on them. These covered plots consists of:
15x Botanical Treasures requiring 150 trowels 150 trowels each
1x Botanical Center Treasure requiring 150 trowels 150 trowels
13x Aztec Treasures requiring 170 trowels 170 trowels each (must clear the Botanical section 1st)
1x Aztec Center Treasure requiring 170 trowels 170 trowels (must clear the Botanical section 1st)
14x Jade Treasures requiring 210 trowels 210 trowels each (must clear the Aztec section 1st)
1x Jade Center Treasure requiring 210 trowels 210 trowels (must clear the Aztec section 1st)
14x World Treasures requiring 270 trowels 270 trowels each (must clear the Jade section 1st)
1x World Center Treasure requiring 270 trowels 270 trowels (must clear the Jade section 1st)
15x Gem Treasures requiring 350 trowels 350 trowels each (must clear the World section 1st)
1x Gem Center Treasure requiring 350 trowels 350 trowels (must clear the World section 1st)
16x Rainforest Treasures requiring 440 trowels 440 trowels each (must clear the Gem section 1st)
1x Rainforest Center Treasure requiring 440 trowels 440 trowels (must clear the Gem section 1st)


Main article: Trowel


Trowels, are the new currency system for Hanging Gardens. These are different from all previous forms of currency because you have to primarily craft them in the Garden Tool Shed. However, you can occasionally find them on your other farms when you are harvesting your crops, orchards and/or your animal pens.

Crafting - Garden Tool Shed[]

Main article: Garden Tool Shed


Main article: Hanging Gardens (event)

There are no items that are locked to the Hanging Gardens farm that cannot be placed on any other farm.

Hidden Treasure[]

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion[]

There are no farm expansions for this farm.

Endgame - Goal[]

The endgame or goal of this farm is to clear/remove all of the Hidden treasures. When this is accomplished, you will receive an Instagrow Fountain which can be harvested once every week (7 days) for an Instagrow which can only be used only on crops/seeds. that have been planted on any farm.

This Fountain can only be placed on the Hanging Gardens farm.


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