The Halloween Event (2009) was an event that occurred between October 7, 2009 and October 31, 2009. During this period, Halloween-themed items were available to Farmers. Some items were available for coins, while others cost cash. It was the first event on FarmVille.

Items Edit

During this event, new limited edition items were released, which could be bought from the market or sent as gift:

Halloween items
Image Name Source Type
Owl-icon Owl Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
White Owl-icon White Owl Cash-icon 30 cash decoration
Gravestone-icon Gravestone I gift Gifting decoration
Scaredycrow-icon Scaredycrow Cash-icon 22 cash decoration
Jack-O'-Lantern-icon Jack-O'-Lantern Coin-icon 1,200 coins decoration
Cat-O'-Lantern-icon Cat-O'-Lantern Coin-icon 1,200 coins decoration
White Jack-O'-Lantern-icon White Lantern I gift Gifting decoration
Dreadful Fence-icon Dreadful Fence Coin-icon 1,000 coins decoration
Tombstone-icon Tombstone Coin-icon 4,000 coins decoration
Spooky Tree-icon Spooky Tree Coin-icon 1,200 coins decoration
Gargoyle Gate-icon Gargoyle Gate Cash-icon 16 cash decoration
Giant Spider Web-icon Giant Spider Web Cash-icon 30 cash decoration
Plant Monster-icon Plant Monster Coin-icon 10,000 coins decoration
Tombstone Bats-icon Spooky Bats Coin-icon 7,800 coins decoration
Hollow Tree-icon Hollow Tree Cash-icon 7 cash decoration
Haunted House-icon Haunted House Cash-icon 56 cash building
Black Cat-icon Black Cat Lost animal

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