The Halloween Basket was released on October 14, 2010 to celebrate the Halloween Event (2010). It works in a similar way to the Valentine's Box and Pot of Gold. The objective is to collect as many Halloween Candy as possible, which can be traded in for exclusive Halloween-themed items. Candy can be harvested from Haunted Houses, and also sent as a gift, which only gives you 1 piece of Halloween Candy.

Levels Edit

Stage Candy amount
Halloween Basket placed on farm

Eerily empty

0-74 Candy
Ghoulishly growing Halloween Baskey

Ghoulishly growing

75-149 Candy
Spookily swelling Halloween Basket

Spookily swelling

150-224 Candy
Terrifying teeming Halloween Basket

Terrifying teeming

225-299 Candy
Frighteningly full Halloween Basket

Frighteningly full

300+ Candy

Redeemable Items Edit

Halloween Candy can be exchanged for various prizes. When a farmer redeems an item, FarmVille will give the option of sharing a second of same item to neighbors.

Pumpkin Topiary-icon
Pumpkin Topiary
15 candy
Scared Ewe-icon
Scared Ewe
30 candy
Candied Gnome-icon
Candied Gnome
50 candy
70 candy
Bat Tree (2010 decoration)-icon
Bat Tree
120 candy
Pumpkin House- icon
Pumpkin House
220 candy

Gallery Edit

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