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Gypsy Trader
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First date available: July 13, 2015
Last date available: August 10, 2015
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World Location: None
Tile: cannot be placed

The Gypsy Trader was released July 13, 2015 and finished on August 10, 2015. The objective of this event is to collect all 9 deer, in doing so you receive a Midnight Pegasus.

Currency Edit

There are 3 currencies specific to this event (not including Farmville Cash-icon  cash). The deer are bought in a combination of the various currencies stated below. Each one requires a different combination of the currencies.


Below is the list of prizes obtained through this event and their currency.

Firestarter Deer Mythical Spirit Deer Painted Caravan Deer
Firestarter Deer-icon Mythical Spirit Deer-icon Painted Caravan Deer-icon
Gypsy Gold-icon 45 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 55 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 70 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 50 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 60 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 80 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 60 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 70 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 95 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Fantasy Deer Crystal Orb Deer Spring Spirit Deer
Crystal Orb Deer-icon Gypsy Fantasy Deer-icon Spring Spirit Deer-icon
Gypsy Gold-icon 65 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 75 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 105 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 75 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 85 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 115 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 85 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 100 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 130 sapphire chunks
Wood Spirit Deer Snow King Deer Glass Deer
Wood Spirit Deer-icon Snow King Deer-icon Glass Deer-icon
Gypsy Gold-icon 95 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 110 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 145 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 105 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 120 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 160 sapphire chunks
Gypsy Gold-icon 115 gypsy gold
Garnet Stones-icon 130 garnet stones
Sapphire Chunks-icon 175 sapphire chunks
Reward for collecting all of the above:

Midnight Pegasus-icon

Midnight Pegasus
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