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Pig Breeding is a feature in FarmVille similar to Breeding Sheep in the Sheep Pen. It was released April 22nd, 2011. To breed a pig, you must have a fully constructed Pigpen. On the April 8th, 2011 podcast, Lexi announced that there will be changes going to the Pigpen, and this is Pig Breeding. Similar to Breeding Sheep, farmers must put a Sow (female pig) and a Boar (male pig, which has tufts on its head) together in the Pigpen and breed them using Love Potions. After breeding, there is a chance to produce a Baby Piglet which can be kept or given away. Farmers must then feed the piglet with Bottles to grow it and make new pigs.

Breeding Piglets Edit

Love Potions Chance that a piglet is born Breeding time
0 x Love Potion-icon 50% 24 hours
1 x Love Potion-icon 60% 12 hours
2 x Love Potion-icon 70% 6 hours
3 x Love Potion-icon 80% 3 hours
4 x Love Potion-icon 90% 1 hour
5 x Love Potion-icon 100% instant

Piglet Color & Patterns Edit

Like sheep, Piglet inherit their pattern from their father (the boar), and their color as a random a combination from both parents (the sow and the boar). The piglet will change color as it grows until it reaches its permanent adult color and pattern.

Since June 23rd, 2011, the chance of the boar passing his pattern onto his offspring has been set to 50%.

Better Pattern Inheritance

Raising Piglets Edit

Farmers need 10 Bottles to grow their Piglet into a Boar or a Sow (the gender is randomly determined when the Piglet is born), with an option to share Bottles with their neighbors when their Piglet is halfway grown.

You give your bred pigs custom names, but the name will not always display properly. There is no limit on the amount of times you can change the name, however you may only change the name while it is placed on the farm (not in the Pigpen or other storage). Names are censored, and may not contain "foul language" such as ass ,hell or boob etc.

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