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Breeding horses on FarmVille is an activity on FarmVille. It requires the construction of either the Horse Hall, Horse Paddock, or the Horse Stable.

Breeding Horses

Available Breeds Edit

Main article: Horse (disambiguation)

There are several kinds of horses in FarmVille. A full list can be found at the page Horse (disambiguation). Most of these horses are limited edition, and can only be obtained for a limited time (for Farm Cash). But, there are some that may be obtained through various other means. Note that categories on this page are based on what a foal transforms into when placed inside the Nursery Barn, NOT any real life definition of the breed. These categories are: Horse or Regular Horse (Black Horse), Draft (Cream Draft Horse), Mini or Miniature (Cream Mini Horse), and Pony (Light Blue Pony or Quarter Pony).

Horse Hall Method Edit

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Horse Paddock Method Edit

Main article: Horse Paddock

The Horse Paddock method is the simplest method: Whenever a Horse Paddock is harvested, there is a chance to find a foal (one to keep and one to share) of the same type as the adult horse contained in the Horse Paddock.

Horse Stable Method Edit

Main article: Horse Stable

The Horse Stable method is more complex. It requires a farmer to have a completed Horse Stable, and have inside the Horse Stable either: at least one (1) of any permanent stallion; OR at least one (1) Mare AND at least one (1) Stallion of any type. When collecting from the Horse Stable, the farmer will be alerted if a foal was born. Having more specimens of a particular breed of horse in your stable will increase the chances of finding a foal associated with that breed.

Special Notes on Stallions in the Horse Stable Edit

You may only have up to the maximum capacity of permanent stallions (of any type) in your stable at any time. However, you may only shelter a Wandering Stallion if there are no other stallions in your stable.

If there is a permanent stallion (for example Clydesdale Stallion) in the stable, there is a chance of producing a foal whether or not there are any other horses in the stable.

Harvesting and Adopting Edit

In order to find a foal in the Horse Stable, it must contain either:

When collecting from the Horse Stable, the farmer will be alerted if a foal was born. Having more examples of a particular breed of horse in your stable will increase the chances of finding a foal associated with that breed. A Wandering Stallion won't influence the color of his foal, so the foal is always the same breed as its dam (mare). The farmer cannot keep the foals that are found, but they become available for up to 5 of the farmer's neighbors to adopt.

Multiple Breeding Edit

The stable automatically takes on the ready status of the last animal placed in it. In the case of horses, which take three days before becoming ready to harvest outside, anything at 34% or over will therefore render the stable 100% ready for harvesting. The stable will then revert to a non-harvestable state until another animal is placed in the stable, where it will again take on the ready state of the animal. If a large number of ready Horses (either stallions or mares) are available, then this can be repeated multiple times.

Baby Playpen Edit

Main article: Baby Playpen

Nursery Barn Edit

Main article: Nursery Barn

If a farmer places an adopted foal into the Nursery Barn it will eventually grow up into an adult Black Horse, Cream Draft Horse, Cream Mini Horse, or a Light Blue Pony. Farmers who raise foals to adulthood may keep the adult version. They can also celebrate their success by sharing a foal that is the baby version of the newly transformed horse with their neighbors.

Nursery Barn Horse Table Edit

Transforms into Neighbor Reward
Black Horse-icon
Black Horse
Black Foal-icon
Black Foal

Horses in the following table transform into Black Horses, and give Black Foals as neighbor rewards.

Foals that transform into the Black Horse
Sire Dam Offspring
any stallion American Horse-icon
American Horse
American Foal-icon
American Foal
any stallion Andalusian Horse-icon
Andalusian Horse
Andalusian Foal-icon
Andalusian Foal
any stallion Appaloosa-icon
Appaloosa Foal-icon
any stallion Asian Wild Horse-icon
Asian Wild Horse
Asian Wild Foal-icon
Asian Wild Foal
any stallion Autumn Horse-icon
Autumn Horse
Autumn Foal-icon
Autumn Foal
any stallion Azteca Horse-icon
Azteca Horse
Azteca Foal-icon
Azteca Foal
any stallion Bedazzled Horse-icon
Bedazzled Horse
Bedazzled Foal-icon
Bedazzled Foal
any stallion Black Horse-icon
Black Horse
Black Foal-icon
Black Foal
any stallion Black Cherry Horse-icon
Black Cherry Horse
Black Cherry Foal-icon
Black Cherry Foal
any stallion Black Gypsy Horse-icon
Black Gypsy Horse
Black Gypsy Foal-icon
Black Gypsy Foal
any stallion Black Percheron Horse-icon
Black Percheron Horse
Black Percheron Foal-icon
Black Percheron Foal
any stallion Black Shire Horse-icon
Black Shire Horse
Black Shire Foal-icon
Black Shire Foal
Black Stallion-icon
Black Stallion
(optional) Black Stallion Foal-icon
Black Stallion Foal
any stallion Blue Mane Gypsy Horse-icon
Blue Mane Gypsy Horse
Blue Mane Gypsy Foal-icon
Blue Mane Gypsy Foal
any stallion Blue Ponytail Horse-icon
Blue Ponytail Horse
Blue Ponytail Foal-icon
Blue Ponytail Foal
any stallion Breton Horse-icon
Breton Horse
Breton Foal-icon
Breton Foal
any stallion Brown Gypsy Horse-icon
Brown Gypsy Horse
Brown Gypsy Foal-icon
Brown Gypsy Foal
any stallion Buckskin Horse-icon
Buckskin Foal-icon
Buckskin Foal
any stallion Camargue Horse-icon
Camargue Horse
Camargue Foal-icon
Camargue Foal
any stallion Camarillo Horse-icon
Camarillo Horse
Camarillo Foal-icon
Camarillo Foal
any stallion Carnival Horse-icon
Carnival Horse
Carnival Foal-icon
Carnival Foal
any stallion Cleveland Bay Horse-icon
Cleveland Bay Horse
Cleveland Bay Foal-icon
Cleveland Bay Foal
any stallion Comtois Horse-icon
Comtois Horse
Comtois Foal-icon
Comtois Foal
Clydesdale Stallion-icon
Clydesdale Stallion
(optional) Clydesdale Stallion Foal-icon
Clydesdale Stallion Foal
any stallion E-QUESTR10N-icon
Green Foal-icon
Green Foal
any stallion Fairy Horse-icon
Fairy Horse
Fairy Foal-icon
Fairy Foal
any stallion Fairy Pink Horse-icon
Fairy Pink Horse
Fairy Pink Foal-icon
Fairy Pink Foal
any stallion Fjord Horse-icon
Fjord Horse
Fjord Foal-icon
Fjord Foal
any stallion Forest Horse-icon
Forest Horse
Forest Foal-icon
Forest Foal
any stallion French Percheron Horse-icon
French Percheron Horse
French Percheron Foal-icon
French Percheron Foal
any stallion Galiceno Horse-icon
Galiceno Horse
Galiceno Foal-icon
Galiceno Foal
Golden Stallion-icon
Golden Stallion
(optional) Golden Stallion Foal-icon
Golden Stallion Foal
any stallion Gypsy Horse-icon
Gypsy Horse
Gypsy Foal-icon
Gypsy Foal
any stallion Gray Horse-icon
Gray Horse
Grey Foal-icon
Grey Foal
any stallion Haflinger-icon
Haflinger Foal-icon
Haflinger Foal
any stallion High Kick Horse-icon
High Kick Horse
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
any stallion Horse-icon
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
any stallion Horse Spectator-icon
Horse Spectator
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
any stallion Hackney Horse-icon
Hackney Horse
Hackney Foal-icon
Hackney Foal
any stallion Hanoverian Horse-icon
Hanoverian Horse
Hanoverian Foal-icon
Hanoverian Foal
any stallion Harvest Horse-icon
Harvest Horse
Harvest Foal-icon
Harvest Foal
any stallion Icelandic Horse-icon
Icelandic Horse
Icelandic Foal-icon
Icelandic Foal
any stallion Irish Cob Horse-icon
Irish Cob Horse
Irish Cob Foal-icon
Irish Cob Foal
any stallion Irish Hunter Horse-icon
Irish Hunter Horse
Irish Hunter Foal-icon
Irish Hunter Foal
any stallion King Horse-icon
King Horse
King Foal-icon
King Foal
any stallion Knight Steed-icon
Knight Steed
Knight Foal-icon
Knight Foal
any stallion Mongolian Horse-icon
Mongolian Horse
Mongolian Foal-icon
Mongolian Foal
any stallion Morgan Horse-icon
Morgan Horse
Morgan Foal-icon
Morgan Foal
any stallion Mustang-icon
Mustang Foal-icon
Mustang Foal
any stallion New Year Horse-icon
New Year Horse
New Year Foal-icon
New Year Foal
any stallion Paint Horse-icon
Paint Horse
Paint Foal-icon
Paint Foal
any stallion Party Horse-icon
Party Horse
Party Foal-icon
Party Foal
any stallion Pinto Horse-icon
Pinto Horse
Pinto Foal-icon
Pinto Foal
any stallion Pseudocorn-icon
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
any stallion Palouse Horse-icon
Palouse Horse
Palouse Foal-icon
Palouse Foal
any stallion Pink Gypsy Horse-icon
Pink Gypsy Horse
Pink Gypsy Foal-icon
Pink Gypsy Foal
any stallion Pink Ponytail Horse-icon
Pink Ponytail Horse
Pink Ponytail Foal-icon
Pink Ponytail Foal
Pink Stallion-icon
Pink Stallion
(optional) Pink Stallion Foal-icon
Pink Stallion Foal
any stallion Purple Bedazzled Horse-icon
Purple Bedazzled
Purple Bedazzled Foal-icon
Purple Bedazzled Foal
any stallion Purple Ponytail Horse-icon
Purple Ponytail
Purple Ponytail Foal-icon
Purple Ponytail Foal
Purple Stallion-icon
Purple Stallion
(optional) Purple Stallion Foal-icon
Purple Stallion Foal
Rainbow Stallion-icon
Rainbow Stallion
(optional) Rainbow Stallion Foal-icon
Rainbow Stallion Foal
any stallion Quarter Horse-icon
Quarter Horse
American Quarter Foal-icon
Quarter Horse Foal
any stallion Red Horse-icon
Red Horse
Red Foal-icon
Red Foal
any stallion Red Pinto Horse-icon
Red Pinto Horse
Red Pinto Foal-icon
Red Pinto Foal
any stallion Royal Steed-icon
Royal Steed
Royal Steed Foal-icon
Royal Steed Foal
any stallion Saddle Horse-icon
Saddle Horse
Saddle Foal-icon
Saddle Foal
any stallion Shire Horse-icon
Shire Horse
Shire Foal-icon
Shire Foal
any stallion Skeleton Horse-icon
Skeleton Horse
Brown Foal-icon
Brown Foal
Snow Stallion-icon
Snow Stallion
(optional) Snow Stallion Foal-icon
Snow Stallion Foal
any stallion Suffolk Horse-icon
Suffolk Horse
Suffolk Foal-icon
Suffolk Foal
any stallion Swiss Warmblood-icon
Swiss Warmblood
Swiss Warmblood Foal-icon
Swiss Warmblood Foal
Thoroughbred Stallion-icon
Thoroughbred Stallion
(optional) Thoroughbred Foal-icon
Thoroughbred Foal
any stallion Vineyard Horse-icon
Vineyard Horse
Vineyard Foal-icon
Vineyard Foal
any stallion White Mustang-icon
White Mustang
White Mustang Foal-icon
White Mustang Foal
any stallion White Shire Horse-icon
White Shire Horse
White Shire Foal-icon
White Shire Foal
White Stallion-icon
White Stallion
(optional) White Foal-icon
White Foal
any stallion White Thoroughbred-icon
White Thoroughbred
White Thoroughbred Foal-icon
White Thoroughbred Foal

Nursery Barn Draft Horse Table Edit

Transforms into Neighbor Reward
Cream Draft Horse-icon
Cream Draft Horse
Cream Draft Foal-icon
Cream Draft Foal

Horses in the following table transform into Cream Draft Horses, and give Cream Draft Foals as neighbor rewards.

Foals transform into Cream Draft Horse
Sire Dam Offspring
any stallion Cream Draft Horse-icon
Cream Draft Horse
Cream Draft Foal-icon
Cream Draft Foal
any stallion Clydesdale-icon
Clydesdale Foal-icon
Clydesdale Foal
any stallion Percheron Horse-icon
Percheron Horse
Percheron Foal-icon
Percheron Foal

Nursery Barn Mini Horse Table Edit

Transforms into Neighbor Reward
Cream Mini Horse-icon
Cream Mini Horse
Cream Mini Foal-icon
Cream Mini Foal

Horses in the following table transform into Cream Mini Horses, and give Cream Mini Foals as neighbor rewards.

Foals transform into Cream Mini Horse
Sire Dam Offspring
any stallion Mini Appaloosa-icon
Mini Appaloosa
Mini Appaloosa Foal-icon
Mini Appaloosa Foal
Black Mini Stallion-icon
Black Mini Stallion
(optional) Black Mini Foal-icon
Black Mini Foal
any stallion Cream Mini Horse-icon
Cream Mini Horse
Cream Mini Foal-icon
Cream Mini Foal
any stallion Fairy Mini Horse-icon
Fairy Mini Horse
Fairy Mini Foal-icon
Fairy Mini Foal
any stallion Falabella Horse-icon
Falabella Horse
Falabella Foal-icon
Falabella Foal
any stallion Flowered Horse-icon
Flowered Horse
Flowered Foal-icon
Flowered Foal
any stallion French Mini Horse-icon
French Mini Horse
French Mini Foal-icon
French Mini Foal
Golden Mini Stallion-icon
Golden Mini Stallion
(optional) Golden Mini Stallion Foal-icon
Golden Mini Stallion Foal
any stallion Mini Candycane-icon
Mini Candycane
Mini Candycane Foal-icon
Mini Candycane Foal
any stallion Mini Party Horse-icon
Mini Party Horse
Mini Party Foal-icon
Mini Party Foal
any stallion Miniature Horse-icon
Miniature Horse
Miniature Foal-icon
Miniature Foal
Miniature Stallion-icon
Miniature Stallion
(optional) Stallion Mini Foal-icon
Stallion Mini Foal
any stallion Nightmare-icon
Nightmare Foal-icon
Nightmare Foal
any stallion Pinto Mini Horse-icon
Pinto Mini Horse
Pinto Mini Foal-icon
Pinto Mini Foal
any stallion Rainbow Mini Horse-icon
Rainbow Mini Horse
Rainbow Mini Foal-icon
Rainbow Mini Foal
any stallion Valentine Mini-icon
Valentine Mini
Valentine Mini Foal-icon
Valentine Mini Foal
any stallion Vineyard Mini Horse-icon
Vineyard Mini Horse
Vineyard Mini Foal-icon
Vineyard Mini Foal

Nursery Barn Pony Tables Edit

Light Blue Pony Edit

Horses in the following table transform into the Light Blue Pony, and give Blue Pony Foals as neighbor rewards.

Foals that transform into the Light Blue Pony
Sire Dam Offspring
any stallion Black Pony-icon
Black Pony
Black Pony Foal-icon
Black Pony Foal
any stallion Brown Pony-icon
Brown Pony
Brown Pony Foal-icon
Brown Pony Foal
any stallion Candy Cane Pony-icon
Candy Cane Pony
Candy Cane Pony Foal-icon
Candy Cane Pony Foal
any stallion Candy Corn Pony-icon
Candy Corn Pony
Candy Corn Foal-icon
Candy Corn Foal
any stallion Chrome Pony-icon
Chrome Pony
Chrome Pony Foal-icon
Chrome Pony Foal
any stallion Clown Pony-icon
Clown Pony
Clown Pony Foal-icon
Clown Pony Foal
any stallion Connemara Pony-icon
Connemara Pony
Connemara Pony Foal-icon
Connemara Pony Foal
any stallion Dales Pony-icon
Dales Pony
Dales Pony Foal-icon
Dales Pony Foal
any stallion Dartmoor Pony-icon
Dartmoor Pony
Dartmoor Pony Foal-icon
Dartmoor Pony Foal
any stallion Disco Pony-icon
Disco Pony
Disco Foal-icon
Disco Foal
any stallion Eriskay Pony-icon
Eriskay Pony
Eriskay Pony Foal-icon
Eriskay Pony Foal
any stallion Exmoor Pony-icon
Exmoor Pony
Exmoor Pony Foal-icon
Exmoor Pony Foal
any stallion Golden Pony-icon
Golden Pony
Golden Pony Foal-icon
Golden Pony Foal
any stallion Fairy Pony-icon
Fairy Pony
Fairy Pony Foal-icon
Fairy Pony Foal
any stallion Light Blue Pony-icon
Light Blue Pony
Blue Pony Foal-icon
Blue Pony Foal
any stallion New Forest Pony-icon
New Forest Pony
New Forest Pony Foal-icon
New Forest Pony Foal
any stallion Pink-Hair Pony-icon
Pink-Hair Pony
Pink Pony Foal-icon
Pink Pony Foal
any stallion Pinto Pony-icon
Pinto Pony
Pinto Pony Foal-icon
Pinto Pony Foal
any stallion Pottok Pony-icon
Pottok Pony
Pottok Pony Foal-icon
Pottok Pony Foal
any stallion Purple Mane Pony-icon
Purple Mane Pony
Purple Pony Foal-icon
Purple Pony Foal
any stallion Rainbow Pony-icon
Rainbow Pony
Rainbow Pony Foal-icon
Rainbow Pony Foal
any stallion Silver Pony-icon
Silver Pony
Silver Foal-icon
Silver Pony Foal
any stallion Reitpony-icon
Reitpony Foal-icon
Reitpony Foal
any stallion Shamrock Pony-icon
Shamrock Pony
Shamrock Pony Foal-icon
Shamrock Pony Foal
any stallion Shetland Pony-icon
Shetland Pony
Shetland Pony Foal-icon
Shetland Pony Foal
any stallion Silver Pony-icon
Silver Pony
Silver Foal-icon
Silver Foal
any stallion Valentine Pony-icon
Valentine Pony
Valentine Pony Foal-icon
Valentine Pony Foal
any stallion Welsh Pony-icon
Welsh Pony
Welsh Pony Foal-icon
Welsh Pony Foal
any stallion Yakut Pony-icon
Yakut Pony
Yakut Pony Foal-icon
Yakut Pony Foal
any stallion Zesty Pony-icon
Zesty Pony
Zesty Pony Foal-icon
Zesty Pony Foal

Quarter Pony Edit

Horses in the following table transform into the Quarter Pony, and give Quarter Foals as neighbor rewards.

Foals transform into Quarter Pony
Sire Dam Offspring
any stallion Quarter Pony-icon
Quarter Pony
Quarter Pony Foal-icon
Quarter Pony Foal

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