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Groves are buildings in FarmVille. There are several different types (Grove I to Grove IV), each with a different pattern of blue bonus zones. They were released April 24th, 2012. When completed, they can be harvested every 2 days. They give a bonus tree mastery points every time you harvest an orchard.

For each blue bonus zone that touches an Orchard, that Orchard will receive 100% more mastery points and 15% more coins, jade and coconuts whenever it was harvested. Bonus zones can be stacked for higher bonuses.

You can only build one of each grove type at a time. However, you can build multiple grove types at the same time.

Versions Edit

Building Stages Edit

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Upgraded
Grove Stage 1-icon Grove Stage 2-icon Grove Stage 3-icon

Materials Edit

Turf Roll Mini Boulder Mulch Soil
Turf Roll-icon Mini Boulder-icon Mulch Soil-icon
10 needed 10 needed 10 needed

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