The Good Samaritan is a Ribbon in FarmVille. To earn this ribbon, a farmer must help friends by visiting their farm and waiting for a notice to appear, visiting the "Neighbors" tag on the options bar and continue to refresh the page until a notice appears, or wait on their own farm. To help friends you can fertilize crops and feed Chicken Coops.

To make helping you neighbor count towards your ribbon total you must use all 5 of your daily actions you can do to help, this includes:


Harvesting , Trees, or Animals



If you ONLY feed your neighbor's Chicken Coop it does not count towards your ribbon total.

Ribbon Rewards Edit

Color Coins Experience
Good Samaritan yellow-icon 1,000 25
Good Samaritan white-icon 2,500 50
Good Samaritan red-icon 5,000 100
Good Samaritan blue-icon 10,000 250

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