Gift Boxes
Holiday Gifting Quest 4-icon

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Goal Information
First date available: December 7, 2011
Last date available: available
Description Of course, the main staples of the holidays include giving and receiving gifts!
Points rewarded: XP-icon 100 XP
Currency Rewards Coin-icon 2,500 coins
Item reward(s) Holiday Alpaca
Sharing Bonus(es):
Item Rail Spikes
The Gift of Song Gift Boxes Season's Greetings

Gift Boxes is the fourth goal in the Holiday Gifting Quest Series, released on the December 7, 2011. To complete it, the player needs to:

Gift Box (task)-icon Get 8 Gift Boxes
"Let's ask your friends to send us some boxes. It's the first step to handing out gifts!"
Skip for Cash-icon 30 cash
Mini Elf Goat-icon Harvest 1 Mini Elf Goat
"Our new friend is looking a bit scruffy. Let's help them out."
Skip for Cash-icon 15 cash
Golden Poinsettia-icon Harvest 300 Golden Poinsettia Crops
"These flowers are a great harbinger of the holidays!"
Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash


Gift Boxes Goals

Gift Boxes Complete

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